Alexei Sayle - Japanese car factory in the North-East

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    I've been re-watching the various Alexei Sayle sketch programmes from the early 1990s, and came across this (you need to go forward to 20 minutes to watch the specific sketch).

    The whole programme is worth a watch IMHO (Leslie Crowther at the beginning, wtf?!) but the specific sketch about the new Japanese car factory in the North-East is a fascinating watch all these years on, to see what opinions were and how Alexei took the p*ss out of them!

    Anyway, it may be entertaining for some, for nothing else than to see a young Angus Deayton (amongst others - who can you spot?) and an old school Toyota Carina and Nissan Bluebird...:Laughing:
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    Nissan Bluebird T12 Class!

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    I never watched it when it was on TV originally. I watched the entire clip, some of it is really good, still relevant today even. Beats me why they had Leslie Crowther in it, but funny all the same.

    The "Mashahi Motor Company" sketch is class, love the satirical input from "Bridge on the River Kwai"