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    I have refurbished my alloys on my Prelude they are stamped with the Honda name and some numbers, this makes me think that its original alloys. but the car would benefit (for looks) with a nice set. Should I change them or keep it as it is, they are in good condition but very basic. Any thoughts would be considered as I don't want to mess up what is a totally original car. :Search: apart from the radio :Smile:
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    Personally I'd go for looks any day but there are people who love the original Honda look which your car has (doubt anybody cares about the stereo). Get some flyyy alloys and keep the Honda ones in case you sell it on or get bored of the new alloys.
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    the stereo can be replaced but changing the wheels is going to make it look too flash for my way of thinking. I understand about keeping the original ones but would it out of character for me to be flash. its going to be a hard decision and I will take my time before I do anything. seen some Preludes with mods and was not too impressed, flash but again totally away from what they were. :Search:
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    Upload pics of the alloys you're interested in and the stock ones. Maybe we'll be able to find one to your liking.