Show Us Your Car Already introduced myself, now meet my newly purchased CR-V

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    I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. First of all, thanks to those who created and contribute to this forum. You have already saved me from making some big mistakes. So, after searching high and low in Poland for two months, I finally found what seems to be a nice one. Recently imported from Denmark, it's a 2005 with documented mileage of only 51,000 miles and more bells and whistles than I ever thought I would have. This is the first one I saw that I didn't have any questionable problems. Some of them were a downright joke, and all of them were at least 9,000 USD. I had to give about 11,500 for this one. My wife loves it. It replaced our 96 Civic, which we drove for over 12 years. Hopefully, it will last us at least that long. Thanks again! Any advice about things I need to do, check, watch for, etc, would be greatly appreciated.

    IMG_5575.JPG IMG_5577.JPG IMG_5579.JPG
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    Moved to CR-V section for you.:Hey:
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    Thanks Nels. I'll figure this stuff out one day.
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    My pleasure.
    It took me a while to find my way around.
    If every you're unsure, just ask and one of the staff team will always help.
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    Congratulations, hope she serves you well - looks like a pretty clean example, is she a petrol or diesel?
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    Looks very nice indeed mate, well done !!!!
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    A 2 year old thread how have you found the CR-V