Pre-Facelift Model Alternator Bearing 6303 rs?

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    Hi all, next job on my 54 ctdi accord is the aux belt, pulley removal and alternator bearing fix. Could anybody confirm for me that the alternator bearing is the same as a 6303 2rs .
    many thanks, Sid.
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    I could give you the Honda part number I won't know the generic code If that helps.
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    Cheers dude but i have the Honda number, cross referenced this number but would like to confirm. The size is 47 od 17 id 14 wide in mm. I probably have some of these at work.. Is there a cross reference to a non gen shorter belt known? may be able to do this job v cheap , Honda's 40 odd quid for a belt is a bit silly and those bearings are just a few quid each. I do work on ride on mowers amongst other things and they are covered in belts and bearings so i know special part numbers 95% of the time do end up being std run of the mill stuff but with a big price tag. So im hoping i can source the parts cheap but the right quality for the job and let you all know if its doable for about £20 worth of bits and some time. ( if you are poor like me! )
    regards Sid.
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    Sid if you find out the correct bearing number please post on forum.
    I'm sure it's a standard bearing just not sure which.
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    Yo RobB , that is the plan, im sure this is doable for £20 in bits. i will post confirmed and tested part numbers when i can.
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    Here you go if that helps.

    View attachment 9505

    Item 5 rear bearing 31111-PT0-003 retail price £27.97

    Item 6 front bearing 31114-PGK-A01 retail price £19.40
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    Cheers for that Ichibanaccord, done a bit more digging and i think i got std numbers for both bearings.
    rear 31111-pto-003 is a 6202 2rs.
    front 31114-pgk-ao1 is a 6303 2rs .
    I have both in my hand so will try to fit tomorrow .
    Will let you all know.
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    Just fitted new bearing. Just to confirm front bearing is a 6303 2rs . Problem is I now have the battery light on :Unknown: . Any clues anyone? All went back together ok. Could anything need resetting? regards in advance..... Will be walking home at this rate!
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    Oh dear. I assumed you have checked all the wiring connections and the belt is on correctly.

    There's a few different tests you can do to try and pinpoint the cause.

    Have a look at this youtube vid :-

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    OOOOOPS! Left a screw off the voltage reg. All working now but still have whirring noise. can't say it has changed at all. With belt off water pump pulley made a noise when rotated in reverse. Might be that next....
    Word to all bearing for the front of alternator is a 6303 2rs, but bear in mind the alternator has a one way clutch pulley so you will need a special tool to remove it.
    I had to make one , i will show some pics when i get them on my computer.
    any other suggestions on whirring noise?.
    regards Sid.

    Pics of tools, special wrench for belt tensioner ( 14mm long flat spanner would be best with no offset angle on ring end )
    Hex tube is to undo pulley with deep 10mm socket through middle to hold alternator shaft still.
    Pic of old bearing too.

    image. image.

    You can buy special kit for alternator pulley removal, but i used a stainless 1/4-1/4 female fitting with a 17mm hex and bored it out on the lathe to 15mm allow the socket to pass through. You need to hold the shaft still with the socket and turn the hex tube and off will come your pulley.