Engine & Gearbox Alternator bearings short belt mod.

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    horrible bearing noise coming form the alternator. Read the Honda Accord 2.2cdti alternator replacement write ups on the net. FR-V looks much the same but the access to the alternator looks impossible and removing the redundant pulley if u go for the short belt replacement looks rock hard. The engine bays of the Accord and FR-V are probably the same. Respect to any one who can work in these none existent spanner spaces don't know whether I have the hand skills in such a cramped environment. Anyone else done the short belt mod for cdti engines?
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    I've done plenty of work on Honda petrol engines but not diesel ones.

    Can you post a picture of you engine bay, showing the front of the engine.

    I'll see if I can advise based on that.
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    Providing you use a suitable spanner, it's pretty straightforward. The replacement belt is a 7PK1784 (or thereabouts) instead of the original 2265, a redundant idler has to be removed, and the belt routing is different.
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    Have you definitely got a longer belt?
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    I wouldn't be put off it. The cross me member is just a few bolts. The fans havs two bolts top and bottom. I would have finished it in under 2 hours if it wasn't for having too short a spanner for the tensioner.
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    Diesel Power your a skilled guy, me I'm not so sure but I'm having a go but will spead it out over a couple of days while I source parts.
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    Nice one mate, these challenges make you grow as a person and increase self-confidence. I always :tut: some little thing up when doing diy but I learn more from the cockups!
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    Got the crossmember off ok. Got left fan out but the electric leads were clipped to it so I had to unclip the securing posts before I could lift the fan. Going to be hard to get the posts backin and clamp the cable run like before. Maybe I'll miss a couple of clamps out. The tenstioner pulley is a 14mm nut in the middle do you just turn it anticlock wise with a rind spanner ??not enough room for a socket. Honda talk about a special tool. Thought I had to undo the rubber to metal hose in your pic that runs to the top left of the cooling radiator infront of the main radiator. Undoing the 10mm bolt left out a woosh of compressed gas. Diid I just make a mistake and depressurise the AC?? I though this need undoing cause the significant pipe runs right across the alternator cover.
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    Does the 14mm pulley tenstioner unscrew clockwise?? its a reversr thread??
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    To clarify I think I need to put a 14 mm spanner on the tensioner pulley nut ease it anticlockwise not to undo it but move it against the tension enough to slip the belt off. Then remove the other redudant long belt pulley as per diagram (is that a 14mm normal antoclockwise thread?). Replace alternattor and short belt.
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    Sorry for not replying earlier..you have to turn the nut clockwise. This tightens the nut but it swings the tensioner in the oppossite direction creating slack. Pls tell me you bought a long spanner..don't risk locking 2 spanners its not as effective, if you round that bolt like I did ur gonna have a bad day.
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    Don't know enough about A/C but it does sound like some gas has escaped. I know you have a high pressure side and low pressure side to A/C. I'm hoping someone will confirm that you just released some gas from the low side rather than the whole system.
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    thanks for the support. Yes just some gas out of the LV I'll get some one to top it up. Got the Denso altenator out but spinning the pulley it wasn't noisy the fault is intermitant. Spun the tensitoner pulley and that sound a bit rough. Kinda wish I'd never took the alternator out. Anyway going to pay Part Co, to check the bearings alternator and I should get a warranty. Order the pulley bearing from Honda.
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    Looking on Ebay the whole tensioner assembly is available maybe you have to change the whole lump. thought u could just change the bearing behind the pulley on the tensioner. did i say I wish I'd never started this job
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    Just get a new pulley the whole tensioner is pricey. The tensioner pulley is a quick job.
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    thks for your contiued support. Honda suppling pulley comp idler 31180-RBD-E01 which is just the pulley. Go to the Gates website watch the belt video they recommend replacing belt and tensioner to gether. Just gave the go for a new clutch on the alternator £70 + vat. Havent been able to get the 14mm nut off the tensioner my 14mm ring spanner just can't do it trying to borrow a belt adjuster tool.
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    You need a lot of leverage.
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    Jesus Honda advise the tenstioner pulley bearing is 38.55 +VAT a gates whole tenstioner is just a bit more.