Electrical & Lights Alternator playing up.

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    Need to replace alternator on my 08 Accord 2.2 ICTDI. Don't think it's charging the battery enough. Went shopping daughter wanted to go back to the car. So she put keys in the ignition put heating on played the radio. About forty minutes later I returned to a flat battery. So a trip to Honda I think. Does anyone no the cost to resolve the problem. Or is it something I can replace myself. :Frown:
  2. Worth diagnosing the fault by checking voltages with a multimeter or getting a garage to do it before deciding it's the alternator. It might just need a new battery. Holdcroft Honda were doing a good deal on them delivered.
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    I take it the engine was running for forty minutes ? before spending money on anything need to get the battery checked out as well as what the alternator is kicking out at idling.
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    If your daughter put the heated seats on this would have drained the battery very fast i would say every thing is fine
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    If the engine wasn't on I would say a flat battery was to be expected and everything is normal. The 7th Generation diesel will drain a battery with just the keys in the ignition in under 30 minutes.
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    Blimey.. Explains a lot.. Its all becoming clearer..
    I got my 7th Generation (2004) I-CDTI back from its first service on Wednesday, drove 2 minutes, did a bit of shopping, when I came back the battery was dead. I got the garage to come and give it a jump start and took it back to the garage, they checked the Alternator, and said to leave it running for a bit when I got home to give the battery a bit of a boost.

    Started fine in the morning... Woo Hoooo.
    Was fitting a Grom-USB-HON1 that lunchtime, with the keys in the ignition and the engine off.

    At hometime the :tut: thing was dead again, one bump start later and off I went to the garage.. They were good enough to lend me a battery and charge mine overnight for them to check if the battery was duff..

    The Moral of this story, if you drive a Honda Diesel, don't put the keys in the ignition unless you plan to start the engine..
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