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    United Kingdom Chris London, ish
    2006 ICTDI, near end of the 2nd generation.
    96k miles. Original battery. (10 years old)
    Probably the original (long) belt

    Noticed intermittent squeaky noise apparently from alternator pulley/clutch about 10 days ago. Comes and goes. More there than not, on a long run.
    Charging is OK, no warning lights when there shouldn't be.
    Car stopped dead, due to no electrics, yesterday on M40 with lights screen heater wipers etc on. No warning lights until it all stopped.
    AA brought it home, started it with their portable battery, which the car charged immediately.
    (The guy couldn't be bothered to read fault codes...)
    I'm getting stable 14V batt voltage regardless of revs or load.
    Battery symbol goes out as soon as the car starts

    Can anyone see a link between a fairly small noise, and a power drop-out?
    It seems the bumper, radiator etc has to come off to change the alternator (really??) so I guess a new (refurbed) alternator with pulley will go in, but I'd like to be more confident that the noise and breakdown are related.

    Any thoughts? Thanks.
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    See this thread for noise from alternator i-CTDi Noise from Alternator (Electrical & Lights - )

    Did you test the battery ? Could be that the alternator is charging battery OK but the battery isn't holding charge. Sounds more likely to me that it's your battery.

    No need to remover bumper and radiator .. see this guide for brief steps Alternator Replacement (Diesel)
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    Sorry just seen that you have a CR-V not an Accord.

    This is why we insist on people dropping by the Introduce Yourself section, saying a few words about themselves and also adding the car to their Club Garage

    Please go ahead and do this.
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    United Kingdom Chris London, ish
    As this is the CR-V secition I thought that would be OK. I don't have pinup pictures of the **** thing!
    Well after a day following its carry home then having been run for just a few minutes, car started OK a couple of times. Took it round the block - no apparent issues. Next day battery was at 12.1 volt with ignition off, dropped to about 11.9 with head& fog lights full on, and stable for a few minutes. Not a full test, but would it still be capable of stopping the car dead - seems unlikely? Battery has to be suspect at 10 years though.

    Can the Idler be removed & belt replaced, without bumper off, assuming it has the long belt still?
    Noise is hard to pin down.
    Would a computer plug-in thing always give accurate reason for previous failures?

    (Had one failure years ago. Car started after a few minutes later but the computer said crank position sensor HAD CAUSED a failure, which was useful to know. It did it once more, on the M25.....)