Service & Maintenance Alternator "where to buy" Refurbished Ones Any Good? Tensioner Pulley (Item 4)

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    Hi All

    Had a slight noise coming from the aux belt area and I quite confident it is the alternator bearing or possibly the tensioner pulley. I heard it after a long quite hard drive on the weekend to visit family.

    However it has since disappeared and not come back throughout the working week commute
    I fear it is the bearing on the alternator or the tensioner pulley is started to go but wanted to understand my options so when the time comes I am prepared.

    To completely sort the issue I am thinking of changing the alternator and tensioner pulley to cover all bases.

    - Is it easier to change the alternator or it is actually easier to change the bearings in the alternator? Does the bearings require machining pressing out and in?-
    - How about refurbished alternators any links to good sellers? Are they any good or is it just best to buy OEM direct from Honda?

    - With regards to the tensioner pulley, instead of replacing the whole unit can Item 4 just be replaced whilst re-using items 13 and 6 and the tensioner base

    PS: the belt routing and shorter belt has already been updated a couple months ago

    Thanks again guys
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    Thanks - wil look into that