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    Ok.. Advice needed...Went to replace a headlamp bulb on my 2007 CR-V and noticed there are 2 spade type connectors for the bulb with wee rubber covers.. H1 bulbs already fitted however when I fit the new bulb with one of the connectors they don't work unless the other connector is touching the headlamp casing inside..!! But H1 bulbs only have one spade connector on the end.. It's driving me crazy..!! The other side is the same.. Am I missing H1 bulb connectors..?? the previous owner has lost or chucked as they appear loose in the headlamp..??
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    Just looked again at the owner manual page 430 picture 3.. it shows only one spade connector for the bulb.. but appears to have 2 wires going to it.. Not very clear.. doesn't show a second connector... :-/
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    It's ok.. Sorted it.. One of the spade connectors goes onto a tab above the location for the bulb.. So I'm back in buisness with my headlights.. Handy to have working lights in this weather..
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    Good to hear you sorted yourself out.
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