Autocar American car sales show signs of recovery

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    Figures for March indicate sales are back to 2007 levels for some manufacturersCar sales in America showed a significant rise in March, providing fresh evidence of a US market resurgence. For some manufacturers, March 2013 was the most successful month for over five years.
    Compared to last year, Chrysler saw sales increase by five per cent to a total of 172,000 units. It hasn't sold that many cars in a month since December 2007.
    The popularity of the revised Fusion (Mondeo) and Escape (Kuga) saw Ford post its highest monthly sales results since May 2007. Its overall figure of 236,000 cars sold is up six per cent on 2012. General Motors also experienced a six per cent growth in its domestic sales from last March.
    Moreover, the success was also enjoyed by overseas manufacturers. Nissan had its best month ever in the US, selling over 137,000 vehicles. Honda saw a gain in sales of 7.1 per cent, which was actually less than predicted.


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