Official Honda American Honda Debuts Next Generation Civic Concept at New York International Auto Show

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    Honda Civic concept​
    Honda has revealed a conceptual version of the new Civic at the New York motor show

    The tenth-generation Honda Civic will take its design cues from a concept which has been unveiled at the New York motor show.

    Swindon will remain the home of Civic manufacturing and will build five-door Civic hatchbacks for the US market as well.

    The next generation five-door hatch will join the coupe and saloon versions which are already sold in America.

    US buyers will also have the chance to buy the next generation Civic Type-R.

    Philip Crossman, managing director of Honda UK, said: “This significant announcement demonstrates the opportunity available to the Swindon operation and reinforces the quality and reliability of the product coming from our UK facility.”

    The production version of the next generation Civic isn't expected to arrive until next year at the earliest.

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    Today, at the New York International Auto Show American Honda unveiled its ultra-sporty Civic Concept that will provide the styling direction for the next generation Civic models due to be launched in the U.S.

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