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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by TobyC, Saturday 17th Nov, 2012.

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    Just found this forum due to a very useful post about 2009 Tourer door speaker problems.

    I bought our first Accord in 2000. It was a 2litre 1999 ES hatchback with 9k on the clock. 12 years, 100,000 miles and zero maintenance issues later, I've just traded it in for a 2.4 2009 EX Tourer Auto with 27k on the clock. Fortunately I bought it from a main dealer with the 'happiness' warranty as this has already been used to replace the front door speakers.

    Loving the new motor, the 200bhp, the paddle-shift, etc, etc, etc. Also totally amazed to be averaging over 35mpg. Didn't expect that!

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Hallo mate,

    I do like the F1 flappy pedals too they are a bit gimmicky but awesome for engine breaking on auto if you get racy.

    As for your speakers issue I would raise with your dealer via the normal route..i.e look at it, diagnosis it and fix it to my satisfaction. if the latter is not possible then use the information as your ace of spade :Wink:
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    Good advice, will do.
    Many thanks!
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    Hello and welcome Toby, hope you sort your speakers.
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    hi there and welcome fellow sussex member :Smile:
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    Welcome to AOC Toby. I've got a 7th Generation 2.4, it doesn't have all the toys that you have on your 8th Generation but its still a joy to drive :Smile:
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    Hi Toby

    Welcome to AOC. Great place to be Ideal place to learn and to have fun/gen chit chat :Thumbup:

    Get some pics up bud, if it ever stops raining!