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    After going through almost every thread in the forum for CR-V's, Civics and 6th Generation Accords, and having advice and opinions to give, I just had to sign up.

    My runabout is a very good condition 1999 Honda Accord LS 1.8 manual that I have been running for about 5 years. Honda Main Dealer serviced

    The wife runs a 2010 Civic 1.8Si Auto petrol. We purchased this last year, to replace the 1996 Honda Civic 1.6 Coupe SR Auto, which had to go (not for reliability reasons, more that we had to insure our son to drive it). Honda Main Dealer Used Car

    And with my recent redundancy and retirement, I have a new (from April) Honda CR-V SR diesel 2.2 Manual ( Didn't want the (non-opening) sunroof or the overpriced SatNav with the EX).

    Let's get posting!

    Pictures to follow.....

    Phil P
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    Welcome to the club mate, sounds like you have quite the Honda history. Looking forward to seeing the pics :Thumbup:
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    Welcome to AOC Phil
    Looking forward to the pics.
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    Some piccies

    First, the Civic Coupe. Had to let it go a couple of years ago, and exchange it for a rubbish Renault Megane. What we have to do in order for our young family to be able to drive eh? Wife not happy. Still miss it.

    2 and 3. My beloved Accord. This was marked 'For urgent sale - leaving for USA' just round the corner from my house. About 5 years ago now. At the time I had an old, but also brilliant, Toyota Space Cruiser. Sold it quick. Work done on the Accord:

    Discs front and back
    Timing Belt and Water Pump etc
    New Battery

    I have read a couple of reports in the Forum concerning noises appearing after the Timing Belt being replaced. I had the same, but the noise was coming from the Power Steering Pump area. That belt was too tight, and now all is fine. Also read a couple of reports about 'pinking noises on acceleration. Mine does it sometimes too. Honda couldn't find anything wrong and its been doing it now almost since I've had it. I wonder if it is the idle VTEC valves trying to kick in.

    When I purchased my redundancy/retirement present to me (new CR-V) in April Honda suggested that I part exchange the Accord - usual stuff 'not worth much, long in the tooth, blah blah.' I think they offered something like £800 off for it. I couldn't let it go. It is still such a good car, and besides, diesels don't like short runs to the shops/football etc. Glad I kept it.

    And the Civic? Her indoors could not take the Renault any longer. Gutless and held together with Copydex as far as we could tell. She's well chuffed now as it feels similar to the original Coupe. Mind you, there are still little niggles aimed at me, primarily because it does not have those wonderfully comfortable cloth seats or an opening sunroof. At least it has 5 doors!

    I haven't bothered with a CR-V photo. I also tried many alternatives before deciding on the Honda and the best I could come up with was surprisingly a Ford S Max. But the inside was so plasticky Bling, and the Salesman was so........ugh...that we left in a hurry. The German cars all felt somehow military, and the drivers, especially the Audi ones, well, I couldn't be seen in one of those. Didn't even try Korean or Volvo but, looking at various bias Auto Magazine reviews perhaps I should have looked at the Mazda CX-5. Mazda? Nah.

    Finally I actually wanted a CR-V SE, with cloth seats, no satnav, no panoramic roof etc etc, but they didn't have one. The dealer was approaching sales target time (end March) and to my utter amazement asked if I would accept an SR for the same price! Yes please. Its got a DAB radio...Its got Planet Rock. Yeh:Hooray:

    Sorry for rambling on

    Phil P
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    Hey Phil

    Please do pop up some of your CR-V pics. Great that you got the SR and not SE.

    I have the EX - the panoramic glass roof for me is stupid and needless.

    Click here

    As you can see, I went through an array of 4x4s before settling on the CR-V. Granted, the CR-V may have flaws, but it is a class ahead of the other garbage thats out there. Looking forward to your CR-V piccies!
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    Let's try posting these piccies again....

    P1010799. 008. 007. 006.
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