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    Hi Anybody know how to change the cigarette lighter for the Honda FR-V, I brought a charge and doe snot work as you have to push and hold it in.

    I brought the following . . .
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    I'm not sure specifically for the FR-V but generally with cigarette lighter if you look inside you will see two tabs. These tabs clip the cig lighter socket into place. You need to lift the tabs inwards into the cig lighter and then pull it forward at the same time.
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    Anker are excellent at what they do.
    The charger you're trying to use is the pin pushed out and able to push in and out freely?
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    Try a different charger. I know from experience that even though chargers look the same, some are a bit short or too long and don't contact properly. The charger is used in my Yaris didn't work in Jazz and the one that worked in Jazz works in Civic but not Yaris.

    Someone in a similar situation Using USB adapter in cigarette lighter
  5. Zebster Guest

    The cigarette lighter socket in my Accord is far less sprung than my other car... some accessories that work OK in the other car do not work in the Honda socket unless I hold them in place, the ones that do work OK have plugs with a highly-sprung centre pin. Maybe it's a widespread Honda problem?
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    I'll try and file it down so it fits as I am unable to return it.