Body, Paint & Styling Annoying rattle around the rear parcel shelf!!! Arrrrggghhhhhh

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    We took the Accord to Skipton today for a run after cleaning the EGR, throttle body & sensors .She ran really well but there is an annoying rattle than appears to be around the rear window. At first I thought it was to do with the OEM Bose speaker on the parcel shelf but I can't find anything loose!
    The wife drove while I sat in the back seat and you can feel the rattle resonating on the rear window but the parcel shelf feels tight and all of trim around the window is good inc the middle seat belt casing....

    Really annoying, any ideas? - Its a saloon model btw.


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    Well, after removing the Bose Sub on the parcel shelf and reassembling with 4x rubber washers (where it bolts to the metal parcel shelf), the rattle has gone. The sub vibration would explain why it was resonating through the window I guess. Happy days