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    Long Post coming up!

    This is the second annual report that I’ve done. Purpose of writing this is for potential buyers and also in the spirit of sharing knowledge on the forum.
    If you want to see my first annual report, click here:

    Annual Report (General - )


    My CR-V is a 2008 Petrol EX 2.0 auto; it was originally bought (June 2014) with business use in mind - motorway cruising. I’m a self-employed project manager based in Kent; however, the use of the vehicle has changed over the last six months, so I haven’t done much business mileage at all. We weren’t specifically looking for a CR-V; I was looking for a comfortable second hand vehicle that was big enough for university trips, camping trips etc. as well as significant business mileage – purchased from a reputable used non-franchise dealer a few miles from where I live. I charge business mileage back, so providing I wasn’t out of pocket I wasn’t fussed about maximising fuel economy (i.e. a diesel).

    The vehicle had 64K on the clock when I bought it and a full Honda service history. It now has just under 110K, so I’ve covered 46K in the two years I’ve owned it. I don’t have it serviced at Honda, and I do some things myself.

    How much has it cost me to run?
    Fuel cost per mile is currently running at 17p since 01/Jan/2016 – this is doing mainly town driving and includes a few hundred miles towing. I’m also currently running an experiment – it’s getting Shell V-Power Nitro+ at each fill at the moment, to establish whether the extra cost is worth it in extra MPG. Current average MPG from all fills since January is showing 28.47. Average MPG for the whole of 2015 (24K - mainly motorway driving) came in at 30.1 (which included about 1000 towing miles – MPG drops to about 18 when towing). I measure MPG using the tank-to-tank fill method – every trip computer on every car I’ve had has been generous on MPG, but the tank-to-tank method doesn’t lie. I’ll post separately about the fuel experiment when I have more data.

    In term of repairs and maintenance, I’ve spent just over £350 in servicing/maintenance since my last report, as follows:

    Service £210.24 (non-Honda)
    12S Electrical socket added to towbar £95.00 (elective surgery!)
    MOT £47.00

    Since buying the car, I’ve spent just over £1800 in total on repairs/maintenance/servicing, over two years / 46K miles. This works out at £75 per month or 25.5p per mile. This includes having it ‘Terracleaned’, which didn’t make any difference to fuel economy, and would also class as elective surgery.

    No faults since last report. It just keeps going.

    The car came with a brand new set of Falkens on the rear – they will need replacing soon, but have done 46K, so I’m well chuffed with that. I replaced the fronts last year with Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV tyres – I went for those due to the low noise rating. For me, I can’t tell the difference between those and the Falkens that were on it before, so I will be going back to Falkens on the front when they come up for replacement.

    Financial observation
    Last year, I wrote the following:

    “A common route with a car used for business like I do is to lease a new one. The route I’ve chosen is significantly cheaper and I've got a luxury car to boot. I have calculated that the business mileage pays for all the business fuel, all maintenance and the loan repayments. The actual cost to me as an individual is the road tax, the insurance, and the petrol I put in it for personal use. This works out at £50 per month for the tax/insurance, plus personal (i.e. non-business) fuel. Lease costs or company car tax would be significantly higher than that!”​

    As I’m not doing much business mileage at the moment the above statement doesn’t apply completely, but I’m still happy with the numbers in terms of how much it’s costing me, for the sort of car I’m getting.

    I am still very pleased with it – I still love driving it, and it feels like it will go on for some time yet. My only complaint – and this is more to do with my choice of caravan - is when I’m towing. I tow a 1500KG caravan, so up to the towing limit for the vehicle, at a 93% weight match. The outfit is stable on the road, but I’d prefer a bit more power. However, I’m only towing for around 1500 miles per year, so it’s not worth changing it just for that. If I still have the same ‘van when the CR-V needs replacing, I may consider something that is a bit heavier and a bit more powerful – again – no disrespect to the car at all, because driving solo it’s brilliant, and it would be fine towing a smaller ‘van.

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    :Niceone: Fantastic write up... and great to hear that CR-V is serving you well..
    actually I am tempted to do a write up of my Jazz as well at the end of the year. :Smile:
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    Nice write up! Sounds like we got the same car for the same reasons. How does the auto box perform when towing? Only just done our first camping trip with the CR-V and it was only 20 miles away so not towed very far yet. I'm not towing nowhere near the weight you are!
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    Generally it performs well, but occasionally is a little slow changing down. I remember dropping it down manually on a couple of occasions.
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    Great write up-have just put around 4000miles on the 07 petrol auto we have owned since March this year. Not done tank/tank but display shows average of 31.2 over that time-which most days means dodging around town,with longer runs at weekends.
    I felt it was slow to downshift and laboured on long motorway inclines-changing (x3) the auto trans fluid (with genuine Honda fluid) made a huge difference. I absolutely love the car (and as a mechanic I drive various make daily) and would be hard pushed to know what I'd rather own....
    Oh, the only other issue I've had was the A/C packed up-easily fixed by renewing the relay in the under bonnet fuse box.