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    I’ve owned my CR-V for just under a year – I've done 25K in it and it’s had its 2nd service in that time. It has just clocked 89K, and I thought an annual report might be useful for prospective buyers of that model, and for general interest.

    My CR-V is a 2008 Petrol EX 2.0 auto; it was bought specifically for business use = mainly motorway cruising; I’m a self-employed project manager based in Kent, currently doing work for a Wolverhampton based company, who in turn have clients all over the UK. We weren’t specifically looking for a CR-V; I was looking for a comfortable second hand vehicle that was big enough for university trips, camping trips etc. as well as significant business mileage - and it was just there on the car lot (reputable used non-franchise dealer a few miles from where I live). I charge business mileage back, so providing I wasn’t out of pocket I wasn’t fussed about maximising fuel economy (i.e. a diesel).

    The vehicle had 64K on the clock when I bought it and a full Honda service history.

    How much has it cost me to run?
    Fuel cost per mile is currently running at 16p – it’s averaging just under 31 MPG and the majority of mileage is motorway. That MPG is measured using the tank-to-tank fill method – every trip computer on every car I’ve had has been generous on MPG, but the tank-to-tank method doesn’t lie.

    Repair/Maintenance costs
    In term of repairs and maintenance, here’s what I’ve spent in the 12 months / 25,000 mile period:
    A/C Service £40.00
    A/C relay £23.57
    Diff Fluid £37.42
    Front Discs and pads £363.75
    N/S mirror indicator LED assembly £55.57
    1st 12K Service £305.94
    Puncture Repair (Kwik-Fit) £26.50
    2 X Goodyear Efficient grip SUV tyres (for front, supply only) £222.30
    Terraclean £132.00
    2nd 12K service, MOT and fit front tyres (inc tracking) £290.90

    This is a total of just under £1500, which has been mainly maintenance related items, and a little bit of bad luck (e.g. warped brake discs). I’ve just had the Terraclean done, which I’ve had done as a preventative measure – so it’s too early to say if it has improved fuel economy yet, which is one of the claims the process makes. It is certainly quieter on tickover. Servicing is not done by Honda, but by a trusted garage.

    1. I had trouble with the aircon when I first bought it; initially, I paid for an A/C service myself and a relay, as it was more convenient than taking it back to the supplying dealer at the time; however, it packed up completely so I took it back and he replaced the compressor under his no quibble in-house 3 month warranty.
    2. Occasional knock from the rear diff when braking; sorted by changing diff fluid. I paid for the fluid myself as I wanted to make sure the right stuff was used, but the supplying dealer changed it for me (no labour charge), using instructions given to me by Honda.
    3. Front sun-blind was sticking – common fault, described elsewhere on this forum. I declined Honda’s offer to fix it for £400 – sprayed some silicon spray on it and it’s worked fine ever since.
    4. N/S mirror indicator stopped working - replaced with new unit.
    5. Front discs/pads replaced due to warping.
    6. Power socket in boot stopped working – connector had come off – probably due to being disturbed when the supplying dealer fitted the single tow bar electrics. I’ve now taken advantage of the permanently live power feed for the towbar relay and made the socket permanently live, which is really useful for charging phones out of sight, whilst away from the vehicle.
    The car came with a brand new set of Falkens on the rear – they are still going strong after 25K miles; the fronts weren’t new, and I’ve just replaced those with Goodyear Efficient Grip SUV tyres – I went for those due to the low noise. Again, it’s too early to say whether it’s made much of a difference on that front.

    Financial observation
    A common route with a car used for business like I do is to lease a new one. The route I’ve chosen is significantly cheaper and I've got a luxury car to boot. I have calculated that the business mileage pays for all the business fuel, all maintenance and the loan repayments. The actual cost to me as an individual is the road tax, the insurance, and the petrol I put in it for personal use. This works out at £50 per month for the tax/insurance, plus personal (i.e. non-business) fuel. Lease costs or company car tax would be significantly higher than that!

    Very pleased with it - still love driving it, and it feels like it will go on for some time yet.
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    What a fantastic idea doing an "annual review", top marks and great info for prospective buyers @rikernumber1 :clap::Thumbup:
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    What a great idea @rikernumber1. Glad you are still enjoying her. Were the brakes OEM?
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    Kwik-Fit did the brakes. They are round the corner from me and I have been going there for 20 years (not all the time and not for everything!). It's a job I have done myself on other vehicles but I lacked the time, and they were convenient.
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    I have had my 09 CTDI for just over 2 years and covered 26000 miles. I bought from local Honda dealer with 38000 on the clock in April 2013

    In this time I've had new clutch & master cylinder under warranty.

    Serviced by Honda at previous owners expense as he paid for the service plan and another big service a couple of months ago by local independent garage at a cost of around £200 inc brake fluid change. Didn't do fuel filter as not due for another 18,000 miles.

    I had discs & pads replaced by Honda during my 1st service at around 49,000 miles and it cost £260 inc vat, labour & using genuine Honda parts. Seeing Kwik Fits price I think this was a very good price!

    I've replaced rear pads with Honda items myself a couple of weeks ago for around £45. Worth paying extra for Honda pads as they fit perfectly, bed in quickly and come with fittings.

    Car returns around 38mpg during winter & 41mpg when warmer. I carry loads of kit for work and it's hilly around me with mainly B roads. On a long run it gets to 45mpg with ease :Smile:

    I'm very pleased with my CR-V and recently treated it to new Honda mats, an oval stainless exhaust trim and gave it a good valet.

    I added automatic folding mirror module a few months ago that works on the 2nd press of the remote (deadlock) so I don't have to fold them if there is a chance of them freezing up.

    I want to add front & rear skid plates, but can't find any nice ones that fit with the parking aids. I would also like to fit Daytime Running Lights, but can't find any that will look like factory.

    All in all I am very pleased with my CR-V :Smile:
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    Andy I have folding mirrors on mime how did you wire in the module and where did you buy it from?

    Love my CR-V, bought it from local Honda dealership 2 owners full Honda history and it was bought new from their sister dealership and servicing been carried out by them from new. Since I have had it its had a new drivers heated seat pad and a new reversing camera both under warranty.

    It has 19 inch Blaze alloys, running boards and rear spoiler all on from new which from what the dealership told me it was their showroom display model. So far it averages around 41 local driving amd 45 on longer runs thats calculated on tank filln ot the computer thingy ma bob.

    All in its the ideal truck for our busy outdoor lifestyle all we need now is a dog!
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    @chunkymonkey have a look at this guide Guides - Auto Folding Mirrors
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    Many thanks for the links I will have a look