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    My first post in a long time as all has been good apart from the 3 lights on the dash.

    So I had the ABS, warning triangle and VSA light on permanently for a few months now. Whether it was coincidence or not, after I changed the brake light bulb I was left with just the warning triangle.

    I had previously had the codes read for errors (when all three were on) and I got 15-1, 16-1 and 61-1, thus pointing to the drivers side rear wheel sensor. The resistance was checked on the sensor and it's dead. I'm not sure what 61-1 battery voltage failure is about as the battery seems fine?

    Now with the single warning triangle on the dash I've had the codes read again and they are all still present but now with 84-1 logic sensor failure?

    I am getting the sensor changed next week, but my question is what is 84-1 about? Is it all related to the broken wheel sensor?

    Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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    I'm not familiar with that code. I'm sure one of the others will be able to help, but it's always difficult at this time of year, as our spare time gets eaten away with Christmas things.
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    @mikesaccord if you add your car to the club garage, members will be able to see what specific model you have under each post which helps a lot with troubleshooting. I'm assuming your car is a diesel?

    You'll find a ton of threads documenting your exact issue if so.
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    Quick update... Successfully got the ABS sensor changed, fault codes cleared and performed the procedure (short wire between pin 4 and 9) for clearing warning triangle light (code 84-1). Cost me about 75 quid all in.

    No warning ABS/VSA warning lights now... Happy Days!!! Hopefully it will last.

    Now for the MOT.
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    Good result @mikesaccord a properly diagnosed issue and thought out resolution. Non of this throwing random parts at the issue :Thumbup: