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    Herts / North London border actually.... I have a 2003 Accord Exec Auto Tourer, had it from new on 03 plate (July). It's a great car and I intend to keep it until it or I fall apart :Wink:

    I now want to do a "few things" with it. This week I'll be fitting a Witter detachable towbar and Honda specific wiring. The next thing I want to do (and here comes the questions) is:

    1. Replace fog/driving lamps as they are cracked and corroded
    2. Replace passenger door rubber seal as it falling off
    3. Fix / replace the SatNav DVD unit - it says "DVD disk is reading an error"
    4. Get some more power

    So for 1 and 2 where would you suggest I go for decent pricing and customer service, any suppliers offer AOC member discounts? For 3 I'm thinking I just need to replace the DVD drive or am I way off the mark...? For 4, again anyone make any suggestions in the Herts, North London area and should I go for mechanical or ECU upgrades.

    I appreciate that's a lot to ask so I'm off do a full search and if anyone wants to suggest the best thread / forum area for each of the above that'll help :Smile:

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    Re: Another "Hello..." from Hertfordshire

    Hi Andacami ,

    Welcome onbaord for options 1 and 2 you have two options buy brand from Holdcroft Honda new or speak to Chris at Phoenix Close Honda he has a few bits from dismantled cars.

    The fogs may not be for you car has he does have a lot of diesel trim and the diesel fogs on the pre-facelift are different.

    For point three

    Point four bud in your area I am clueless .

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    Re: Another "Hello..." from Hertfordshire

    Hi Andacami, Welcome to AOC.

    I see Ichiban has answered most of your questions.

    Unfortunately I don't know the answer to number four either :Unknown:

    Do let us know if you manage to get any further with this.
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    Re: Another "Hello..." from Hertfordshire

    So, I've finished the tow-bar fitting. Wow, what a job! two and a bit days...

    Having searched these very forums for some advice on getting the power wire through the bulkhead, I was about to drill a hole but then thought about it again and had a good rummage round. Guess what... there is a ready made hole from the passenger footwell into the wheel arch (covered by the wheel arch cover). Phew.

    So, to help others, here are some pics: