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    Hi Guys

    It was inevitable but very disappointed that it has happened.
    My HFT stopped working last week - no beeps upon pressing the steering wheel button.
    I read a few threadswhere it metioned to try a few things including: Disconnecting and re-connecting the green connector into th emain bluetoth module, Cleared the HFT system and re-flowing the header connectors on the actual Bluetooth module main and daughter board PCBs.

    It worked for a few days but now the Bluetooth keeps dropping out and occasionally no beeps are present when the steering wheel buttons are pressed.

    I really think its had it now. Really peeved - Honda's don't do this - lol

    I need handsfree in the car and was wondering what othe rpeople have done to resolve the issue?

    -Buy a new replacement OEM Honda Bluetooth module
    -Buy the Xcarlink option - link to the IPOD xcarlink unit I have - Only issue is that you have to o the cd changer mode to answer a call
    -Buy and install a parrot system - Most likely CK3000 or CK3100

    Does anyone know exactly what's wrong with the Honda Bluetooth HFT system?

    I know the OEM HFT system isn't great but its an integrated part of the car and I hate having buttons on the dash and steering wheel that don't do anything.

    Thanks guys
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    I'd go for something aftermarket like a Parrot one.
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    Yeah - that's what I was thinking.
    Will look into the parrot option.