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    So it came.

    Since there are more or less 37-38°C outside, the DVD has gone nuts and gave me the "DVD disc read error".

    First it came at a very hot (38°C ) day, but it went off at night.

    Now it's permanently there.

    All other satnav functions work.

    Another issue (related??) is that the clock flickers and go off after a while or as soon as it's hot inside car (@work park under the sun...so...get HOT inside :Frown: )

    Obviously I will NOT fit a new unit from Honda (quoted 7310 euros VAT included...ROTFL).

    Any suggestion on how to deal with the DVD dead laser? I was looking at the DVD cleaning procedure, but seems to me it's different my situation, DVD is dead because it was extremely hot... I fear it is a very big work for nothing to gain...

    I already tried to copy the DVD to another one (original old version from 2006 inside..but it makes the job to bring me around the spot, then it's up to me ask to some local people...and I like it this way :Wink: ) to check if DVD can be a culprit, but to no avail, also original one is almost scratch free...

    An additional piece of info, I write from Italy.
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    Sorry, forgot to add my car is a 2004 sedan, but I think it's a not so important detail, and I ran already the diagscreen on the unit, all is well but disc read error is always there.
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    Thanks Ichiban,
    I had looked to the guide and will try the DVD cleaner (I'll try to find one, as I have only a CD cleaner with the vinly swipes just in one specific section which I tried to no avail - immediate DVD read error, seems to spin just a second opposed to few seconds and tries with the original DVD).

    I will eventually resort to dismount the DVD and clean it as per the guide I found also here in the DIY section, but...well I am just not thinking to a laser dust buildup but rather to a laser lens breakup due to excess heating....but anyhow, I guess dismounting a non-working unit will at worst make it a non-working unit...so...no bad result can come :Wink:

    I only wish it would be easier to find a replacement on the used market (ebay and such...) for the part 39540-SEA-409 ...or to find someone breaking a 2004 with the unit available, but as far as I can tell they seems to vanish at speed of light obviously.
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    There are a few options open to you:

    - pay your local Alpine service centre to replace the DVD lens mechanism
    - buy a lens mechanism from a Chinese seller on Alibaba and replace it yourself (it's quite easy to do and you only need a screwdriver)
    - buy a used but working DVD drive (but then gamble on how long before it too stops working)

    If your DVD is badly scratched, you could always buy a replacement through your local Honda dealer or online from HERE maps I think they're called.

    However, the DVD read error usually means your DVD lens is dead (sorry).

    Good luck!
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    This morning (27°C) the DVD reader came alive for a trip to the gas station. As soon as I turned off car to refuel, it went dead.

    So I really believe the issue is heating in the electronics or a dead laser (possible? heating up it dies??)

    Galgo, a couple questions:

    - To go to a Alpine service center, you would go with unit in car or can I bring only the DVD reader and they do their magic?
    - Contact an Alibaba (or aliexpress) reseller...can you elaborate a bit on this? I know that is a market like ebay but I would need to specifically search for the lens that fits my DVD, do you have any suggestions or links?
    - Buy a working DVD would not be a good idea, because as I wrote just above, when cold the unit can read the DVD I have (which btw is mostly scratch free even after so long time).

    Thanks in advance!!!
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    If your disc is OK, the read error is down to a faulty lens. The same problem occurs on other optical devices like computer and a/v DVD drives, Xbox drives and so on, and isn't unique to the DVD navigation drives in our cars. The lens in an optical drive just wears out over time. Long term exposure to heat can sometimes speed that wear process up.

    Alpine have authorised repair centres where you send them your drive, they fix it and send it back to you (for a price, of course). In the UK, a company called Dtronix are their authorised repairers. They charge £225 (€316).

    It's fairly easy to remove the drive yourself from your car and refit it.

    Alibaba is like eBay but in China. If you go on their site, search for 'BN453PO lens' (that's the model number for your Alpine DVD unit). You might even find them for sale on eBay as well.
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    Thank a million for your help Galgo!!!
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    Sorry to bother you again,

    Would this be a easier refit unit?

    Sune Technology Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Since I found a couple DVD lenses off Ebay (US based sellers only, sadly) so in the end I would rather buy at source instead of getting a used part and being ripped for it (found a DVD drive used from UK for £130 with 30 day warranty...so still expensive for a used unknown condition item....)

    Maybe in the end I will be lucky and get some help from a Alpine repair center...but I don't think this will be easy here around :Frown:
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    For anyone interested, found also this link, seems promising:

    Gerner Electronics, Laser pickups, Flexboards, Beamerlampen, Messgeräte

    Germany based, so no taxes and seems to have also some stock!

    Only question remains that this seems the interior of the drive, I don't know if I have to dismount completely my own one or they send the whole unit....but for me, they seem to stock the same items that I linked above from Taiwan.
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    The pic in your first link (the Sune Technology one) looks like the mechanism in the drive. Probably cheaper/easier to buy from Germany, as you won't have to pay import taxes from China.

    It's easy to remove/install in your drive. Four screws hold down the mechanism to the base of the drive, and there's a ribbon cable you need to remove/refit between it and the board at the bottom of your DVD drive. If you open up your DVD drive, you'll see what I mean.
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    Thank you!

    The Taiwan company set cost to 180$ shipped ( €164) plus custom duties...the german comany set to 299€ plus shipping (15€).

    Both companies claim it's the correct part...

    I might end up tossing the coin and trying the Taiwan route, it's definitely cheaper even with high customs...only real issue, time for shipping to arrive...
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