General Anti theft question?

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    Hi to all,

    I have had a 08 2.2d-tec ex spec Accord for some months now (8th Generation) and tonight I have just noticed that the anti theft lamp beneath the cd changer is flashing (lower left)? this is before the cars alarm is set and I think that it may be seperate to the cars main alarm. Here is the thing I just do not know if it has always done it or just started today?

    Conditions / symptoms:-

    Car alarm set and car locked - light beneath cd player flashes at a diferent rate to that of the cars main system.

    Car alarm un-set and car unlocked - light beneath cd player still flashing, main security lamp on dash is off.

    Ignition switched on, light beneath cd player stops flashing.

    Radio and satnav work fine just trying to find out why this lamp is flashing!

    Can anyone tell me if this is correct and as it should be, or do I have a problem?

    Many thanks in advanced,
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    That is a radio anti theft system.Lamp always flashes when car is not in use.
    If somebody temper with it or it lose power audio system will lock itself and you will need code to unlock it.
    I had some work done at Honda and they had to disconnect battery and audio system was locked when i got back to the car.
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    Thanks Zoran, I suspected as much and I can not believe that I had not noticed it before, but there is just so much to keep one entertained I just hadn't noticed it before!

    thanks again,
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    No probs.I had my car over a year and still find little things i didnt know about.
    Enjoy the car