Exhaust System Any good DPF experiences out there?

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    Right, so, Im in my first week of my 8th Generation I-detc ownership and loving it so far (I had a great 7th Generation I-CDTI previously)

    I knew what I was buying into with the DPF and fully intend to have it removed sometime soon as a preventative bit of maintenance with a remap etc, but it dawned on me that sometimes you only hear about the bad news and wondered if there are any 8th Generation diesel owners out there who haven't had DPF issues and if so, how they managed it (fuel, oil quality and driving habit, mileage etc etc).

    As a decent engineer meself,, the DPF is ridiculous and futile and adds complexity for no overall benefit that I can see but rules is rules etc. It must be annoying Honda that Brussels has mandated this on all post 2009 cars...or is it? Do we only hear about the bad ones and not about those that are not a problem (bit tongue in cheek!)

    Be pleased to hear anything.

    My car is a auto by the way if that is of consequence.......

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    I had my 8th Generation Accord I-DTEC auto for 3 years and 40k miles from new.

    It was faultless, no issues at all.

    I had it serviced according to SvRS, using the correct grade of oil and never used supermarket fuel (although neither did I use "super" - just regular Esso, Shell or BP.)

    It was 80% used for motorway trips, too. I only changed it as a change of job means I will be doing far fewer miles, so I now have a petrol CR-V.

    My Accord was a total pleasure. Economical, comfortable, reliable and distinctive. And much missed...
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    Thanks, thats good to hear - I guess the motorway miles helped quite a bit tho?
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    unfortunately there are a lot of people who abuse there cars in one way or another. whether it is incorrect service schedules, incorrect oil, driving style, mileage. etc etc it is these cars in the main that end up with DPF problems. service history needs to be full as a rule of thumb and idealy at leist part main dealer. all manufacturers have got the same problems ime afraid. I have no experience of DPF deletes and so on. other than recently someone came in with a DPF warning light which turned out to be the result of having the internals knocked out of the filer. no wander the light was on!
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    mines just 3 years old and only Honda have serviced it to date....- it'll be HH from now on with me doing oil at 6000 intervals etc - I still think the DPF's are an aberration form Europe and as you infer, not just a Honda issue....
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    Mine is 15 months old, 18,000 miles no DPF issues so far and that's with a mix of trips from those up to 1 mile, to occasional longer motorway runs. Never even noticed mine do a regen and the light has never come on so far.

    I do a 15mile each way commute daily mainly on A1/A19.

    It's the cars that always only ever do 3 miles a day forever in a day never getting warmed up that have DPF blockage issues.

    Apart from having the right mix of driving, the basic rules to guarantee problem free DPF ownership in my experience are:

    1) Only use decent fuel - no supermarket rubbish. As @FirstHonda says it doesn't have to be VPower Nitro or BP Ultimate, standard grade fuels from Shell, BP etc will be ok. They don't dilute it down with ethanol as much as the supermarket fuel is diluted. It's the ethanol that is a major contributor to issues. Supermarket fuel doesn't have the detergents in it either. In fact BP fuel is the only one that is still 100% crude oil derived content.
    2) Leave well alone in factory OEM guise. DO NOT have the car "chipped".
    3) Don't skimp on maintenance especially the correct oil

    I would not condone DPF removal. It is illegal and is there to improve air quality. It is all the owners who skimp on maintenance, remove their DPF etc. that are causing air quality issues that will see all diesels banned at some point in the future.

    I agree that the DPF is not ideal but unfortunately it is something we are stuck with thanks to Brussels. :brickwall:

    In my limited experience I think diesel Hondas are possibly one of the most trouble free out of the diesels that are out there. Yes there were some teething troubles with the first ICTDI but remember this was Honda's first attempt at a diesel engine so far from a bad effort really. VAG for example have been making diesels for years and they continue to get worse. Honda's diesel teething troubles were ironed out fairly quickly.

    My dealer has a 55 plate Accord ICTDI coming in for service that has 350,000 trouble free miles on it the last I heard of it earlier this year. Yes it's had a clutch change but that's par for the course in the diesel world I'm afraid. Unfortunately that's pre-DPF era but it would be good to see what it would've been like on DPF life.
  7. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    My take on DPFs is as follows:
    • DPF's do reduce the level of particulates, so that's got to be better.
    • As long as your journey profile allows the DPF to get to the correct temperature, it will remain healthy, PROVIDED:
    • You use the correct oil and change it as recommended.
    • Many diesels are bought as Company/Fleet vehicles. A proportion of these are misused and not serviced as they should be.
    • These vehicles are the ones that have issues, usually when they get to the 2nd or 3rd owner.
    • When things go wrong, human nature means we tell/moan about it to anyone that will listen.
    • When things run smoothly we are nowhere near as vocal.
    • DFP removal is illegal, and can also come back to bite you. Please don't do it.
    I hope that this has helped. :Hey:
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    ^^ Yes, they will have done.

    As noted by @John Dickson @Beefy and @Nels with the DPF it is all about "correct use" (if you are only using for short urban trips, buy a petrol), regular servicing with the correct grade of oil (0w30) and decent quality fuel.

    BTW, without wishing to worry you, there have been instances where even Honda dealers have used grades of oil other than 0w30 - so even a full Honda service history may not protect you from that. I'm not sure how much of an impact that will have, but just be aware - and always use 0w30 as Honda recommend for the I-DTEC.

    There are LOADS of threads on this, so have a look through. This one will be a good start though :Smile:

    Engine & Gearbox - Diesel oil question

    I doubt you'll regret buying an 8th Generation I-DTEC automatic, I loved mine - it is almost criminally ignored and under rated by the motoring press, and once you've had it for a while you'll probably wonder why too!
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    the life span of a DPF system is around 80 - 100k from what i have read so cars below this and having problems early on is a clear sign of not being maintained or doing the correct type of driving.
    The DPF requires a good drive in order to get up to temperature and work fully. short journeys in these cars are not good. you need to keep on top of the servicing as well as include a good long blast at least once a week. I work with a colleague who is having major problems with his nissan quashqi and DPF. the car is only around 3 but has only been used on short runs and they are plagued with issues ... i asked why did you buy a diesel in the 1st place if only doing that type of driving ... again its the misconception that buying a diesel car is cheaper and better value for money ... he has seen how cheap it is. buying a diesel car is NOT the answer and if i could do without i would do without and have a petrol honda donkey in my CR-V any day of the week.

    our CR-V for example takes up to 10 mins or so before the temp guage actually shows a reading ... in some circumstances a jounrey could be completed by an owner with a DPF fitted so the engine has never got up to temp the system has not been primed ... can only imagine the problems this is causing. BTW our car is now onto 30k ... planning within the next 1k to get a 6k service done with oil purchased by myself at the correct grade, filters etc from Honda. And i must refrain from purchasing supermarket fuel and stick to buying BP after reading this! But currently NO issues with DPF and long way it continue ... at the 1st sign of trouble I will just make the decision to move it on. there is no easy fix and a new unit is very expensive.

    I certainly would NOT be remvoing my DPF ... its only a matter of time that MOT will bring in the test to check. With all the news regarding diesel and the clamp down on polluters this is the obvious direction. also you will see that the vehicle excise will be amended ... IMHO the days of running 'cheap' diesel will be over and you will see a shift back to petrol or hybrid becoming the norm.
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    My DTEC is 5yr old with 63k on the clock and I've had it a year.

    I've never seen a DPF light nor have I ever actually noticed a regeneration cycle. In fact I actually had to ask here if I should see or notice anything? It's my first derv with a DPF.

    I did a fair bit of research before buying and Honda seems to have less problems (not none) with DPFs than VAG for example. Possibly that's a numbers game but I don't think so.

    I don't drive motorways very often but the car rarely does very short journeys either. It's always up to temperature on the 20mi commute.

    Mine was serviced by an independent prior to my ownership but has been Honda since I've had it. It was an approved used car.
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    ^^ Just to clarify my earlier post - although I was driving motorways most of the time, the specific reason I changed to a petrol is that my new commute will be 4 miles each way to the station. With a diesel and DPF, that was just an accident waiting to happen!

    I think from what I've read that @Aspman is 100% right in that as long as the car has a decent journey and gets properly warmed up, you should be ok - although a longer, faster journey every so often doesn't do any harm...:Wink:
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    A very good summary and food for thought.....
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    Had a 2nd year service done recently at my local Honda. Whilst my car is a CR-V I assume the engine is pretty much the same as the Accord (2.2 I-DTEC). The oil used for the oil change was Shell Helix Ultra AF 5W-30 'to meet the 913C specification' whatever that means.

    And I might say the engine does sound quieter than the already quiet than it was.