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    I've got a scratch along the length of a door (thanks to a brush with a tree branch in a narrow lane!) which I'd like to fix. Chipsaway are quoting around £200 (even the Honda dealer promo for cosmetic repairs comes in at this price) so I'm thinking about doing it myself but not sure if the results will be any good. The scratch can be felt with a fingernail and shows white (primer?) for about 4cm, the rest looks to be just in the clear coat. Oh - it's Alabaster Silver, so not the easiest to colour match I guess!

    I've seen Scratch Doctor kits on Amazon that have applicators for scratches along with the colour matched paint and clear coat but not sure if it will do a decent job.

    Has anyone any thoughts or advice on DIY for these repairs, or should I just bite the bullet and pay for a professional service?
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    Try cutting the light part out with something like Autoglym paint restorer cutting polish, use a new clean cloth and only rub along the scratch. The deeper part, if its gone right down to the primer, touching it in won't look good, you might have to get the door sprayed.

    I'd get a few quotes from local bodyshops and ask how long they guarantee for. Honda probably would be the best.

    Not a big fan of chips away, I've seen their repairs deteriorate after a few months, lacquer starts peeling etc.

    picture would be good.

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    If you plan on keeping the car for a few more years, I'd bite the bullet and get it done by a pro.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    Alabaster silver is a very difficult colour to match , even for the professional sprayer. I was in the process of buying an ES GT in this colour and due to a few minor blemishes I asked my local dealer to touch them up before I agreed to buy the car. The dealer tried to touch the chips up with the official touch up but it did not match my expectations and they decided to spray the front door. Disaster!!! The front door did not match the back door. The colour was lighter than the original silver. They then sprayed the rear door, which then matched the front door. They blended the front and rear wings , buffed the whole car and waxed the finished result. The car looked brilliant and super smooth but In certain lights the two doors stood out from the rest of the body.
    I will say that this work was done by a well respected body shop and not by the Honda dealership.
    I would strongly recommend that you do not attempt the repair yourself and research the results of local body shops before making you choice of who to use.
    Good luck , I hope it goes well
    Mike c.
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    United Kingdom Mike Telford
    I meant to say that , having looked at the scratch kits , they always demonstrate them on flat panels , bonnets etc, and never on vertical surfaces. These kits tend to work on a process of blending the edges of the scratch by dissolving some of the paint from either side of the scratch into the scratch as a filler. You polish the joint giving the effect that it has disappeared . The trouble is that this system will not work on vertical surfaces as the dissolved paint will not run into the scratched area.
    I would not waste any money on this type of product to remedy scratches on vertical surfaces . Put this money into using a professional sprayer .
    Mike c
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    Thanks guys for the advice. I've tried some Meg Scratch X and managed to get it faded a bit - now it feels smooth and you can't feel the scratch with a fingernail. I think I may just leave doing anything. It's not too obvious and I don't feel like risking spending £200 to have a door as a different colour!
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    What about a second hand door from a car of the same yeah i know its a bit over kill and once again it might have faded more/less but cheaper then a respray :Smile: