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    If you're driving on the above watch your speed. The silvery green BMW unmarked police estate is making a good trade in speeding tickets at the moment. I've seen it nearly every day for the last month on the hard shoulder after pulling someone over (normally BMW drivers :cool: or vans).
    The rest of the time it just cruises up down blending with traffic at about 70.
    The reg is RE62 FVK
    The other car they're using a lot is a black skoda Octavia saloon.

    According to one of my colleagues they're using unmarked jag XFs on the M25.
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    Up here in Liverpool we've now got more unmarked police cars patrolling than marked, or so it seems. Something just doesn't sit right with me when unmarked cars just all of a sudden sound the siren and go chasing drivers, these things should be clearly marked to other road users. Sure they'll make a lot of money, sure they might take some actual dangerous drivers off the road, but it seems so misleading. Save the unmarked cars for catching criminals not cashing in on "Derek" and his 5mph over the speed limit rush to work.
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    I was on m6 at the weekend and a black jeep behind me, I saw a flashing blue light and let him pass then I noticed it was private reg plate. was really annoyed so passed him:Happy:he had a light in the cab that was made to look like fuzz behind you, he didn't pass me again
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    I'm regularly on motorways that don't have speed cameras and have no signs indicating that fact. In that case is it legal for an unmarked police car to stop me for speeding, surely not?
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    Guys please don't post any illegal speeds on the forum.

    As for whether it's legal for them to stop you. Absolutely, it's no different to plain clothes officers. Unmarked cars have been around for years. But there is definitely more of them on the motorways, I see the BMW estate at least once a day, quite often twice a day.
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    A few things I pretty much always consider when driving now after a fairly big bust on the A9 last year:

    1. If I need to drive with some enthusiasm I'll follow someone else and not be at the front unless I've got a very clear view ahead
    2. I slow when going past on-ramps because the police can be coming onto the motorway in your blind spot
    3. At night I rarely speed unless I'm 100% sure about who the headlights behind belong to, otherwise it's almost impossible to see who they are

    Most importantly, I don't speed in built up areas. Apart from not wanting to run over a kid, dog etc. if an incident does happen then speeding can turn a simple accident into a dangerous driving charge or worse.

    I don't really enjoy going at high speed to be honest because of the risk of being caught and losing my licence. For thrills I prefer corners, acceleration and overtaking - which you can pretty much remain legal with! Tempted to do a track day!

    Oh, if it helps the cars that Strathclyde Police use have registrations that all start with SF (for Strathclyde Federation I believe). Although I've heard they may have started using different registrations now with new stock.
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    Thanks for the heads up anyway, espc re M25. Looks like I'll be setting cruise control to a legal speed from now on :Sobbing:
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    Saw them again this morning pulling over a van.