Anyone else in to radio controlled models?

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  1. I've been into radio controlled models since I was young. (I am 47 currently so its had time to get out of my system)
    I had tried more or less every type of radio controlled model in that time. Along with helping to run the local radio controlled car club were we raced electric models racing from mardave 1/12 scale to 1/10 touring cars and off roaders for a good few years.

    Some models I loved and others that came and went.
    I've owned from 1/18 scale to 1/5large scale petrol model cars/buggies with tanks, trucks, helicopters, multicopters, planes, helicopters, boats and motorbikes along the way.

    Currently my list of models is down to its smallest number since I started modelling.
    A couple of Tamiya 1/14 trucks and trailers. One is a slightly modified Mercedes 4x2 actros gigaspace done with a star wars theme.
    I have a Tamiya reefer (refrigerated trailer) that can be towed by the merc or the scania that is more or less stock apart from the colour. Only problem with the trailer is it just over 3 feet long so has to sit on the shelf on its own.

    I am currently building a customised Tamiya scania r620 that's getting a topline conversion along a number of other things and have a Tamiya container trailer to build when the scania is finished.

    I have a custom 1/10 scale 4x4 that's based on axial mechanicals (as they are virtually bulletproof) with a custom chassis and jeep body for use. Its quite fun to use and its a good job its all waterproof as always needs washing off with a hosepipe when we have finished.

    The oddball in my current collection is a 1/5 scale electric off road motorcross motorbike. It doesn't get out too much but attracts a lot of attention when in use as people have never seen anything like it before & want to know how its so stable & why it makes the weird noise.
    The stability and noise is the quite heavy for the size of the bike gyro flywheel that's hidden inside the rear wheel of the bike.

    There are a couple of 1/24 tiger tanks that spend more time as shelf queens than being used but I used to own quite a large collection of 1/16 scale tanks but moved them on when I decided to have a go at the trucks.

    I have my old faithful rc18t 1/18 off road buggy/truck that has been used for indoor carpet racing, off road racing on grass and general bashing about.

    Anyone else into r/c?
    I am keeping my eyes out for a Tamiya r/c CR-V. They did the CR-V in 1/10 scale a while back but its not hit the re release as yet so are quite sought after and quite hard to find for a reasonable amount.
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    I know that @nick-b is building himself a drifting radio controlled car to match his real car (either the Soarer or the Prelude)
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    I use to be into RC cars many years ago. It was an RC obsession back in the day, always pestering my dad to buy RC hop up parts.
    I remember always going to a model shop called beatties near to where my parents lived. They were the number one model shop chain in those days. (back in the 90's)

    It all dropped off when I got into real cars. When I did buy my first car (was a Honda Civic EG (dx carb model) my RC obsession faded away. My RC obsession spanned my whole childhood.
    Being into RC cars taught me a lot about cars - I spent massive amounts of money on it including various models - mostly Tamiya. electric and nitro and even 1/5th scale too. Had a HPI and Kyosho models but I always found that Tamiya had that edge in build quality and attention to detail.

    I also lost count to how many body shells I had. I remember the cost too, almost £45 in those days for a clear polycarbonate shell.

    To this day I still have my Tamiya 1850 truck, Tamiya King Tiger tank (late model) and original one Tamiya made and a TRF TGR nitro 1/8th (with several body shells) which are still lurking at my mums place somewhere

    I had many of the 1/10th Tamiya electric chassis including MO1 mini, TA03, TA02, also had the Tamiya pajero and my brother has the Isuzu Mu. My brother still has his King Hauler and he also still has his TGX TGR Tamiya nitro 1/8th chassis.

    I remember we always used to race our cars at a local retail park and always used to ride our bikes there too as we didn't have cars.
    Was definitely good times.

    I haven't touched any RC stuff since 2003 - always have that urge to get my TGR nitro car back up and running but real cars just eat all of my money these days - lol

    I am currently assembling a Tamiya 1/24th scale of an S2000 though :Smile:

    Tamiya still do make some quality stuff though.

    Didn't take many pictures in those days but dug some odd ones I had on my server and a few recent ones of the models I have now

    An old pic of my electric TA03 evo 6 - taken in 1995


    Old pic of the 1/5th scale petrol mode we had - proper lawn mower engine and require real petrol mixed with two stroke oil (owned in 1997)


    My 1850 Tamiya RC truck (present day)

    My RC Tamiya King Tiger Tank (present day)

    My TGR TRF nitro 1/8th model (present day) - bit dusty - lol


    Brings back a lot of memories :Smile:
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    I had a bit of a dabble for a few years. preferring 1/10 touring cars I started with a basic kyosho (forget the model) electric brushed motor and soon swapped that out for uprated batteries brushless motor and controller. they had a couple of kyosho gp10 fazer nitro cars. problem was I got bored quite easy and was always the first thing to go if I needed a bit of money. bit sad realy as I always end up regretting not having it to play with and wander why I didn't just hide them away. ime tempted to get another electric touring car but I've got plenty of other things to prioritise first. family and all that! booooo!!
  5. Glad its not just me. I built a tc3 Mitsubishi in the same tommi Makinen colours. I ran a 1/5 MCD rally (with Subaru body) for a while but it was a money pit with its 2 stroke 29cc engine & always came home broken after racing plus if it was drifted round on tarmac was able to go through a set of 4 tyres per tank full. Its the only model car I have owned that drove like a full sized car in every way. I had a FG monster truck for fun but sadly that had to go.
    I will get the photos of the older cars and the current trucks when I get chance.
    My first proper touring car after the earlier Tamiya off roaders & weird Tamiya chassis models was a kyosho too also had a try with nitro but was too much agro so moved onto the 2stroke models but the local council put a end to those by banning them on any council owned land locally.
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    No cars or bikes but I have two radio controlled model boats. One sail, that was already built but I converted to radio control: one motor that I built from a kit and converted over ten years ago. Both boats are over 40 years old. Stopped using them when the local boating pond was converted to a duck/swan feeding/breeding ground by the Council, with the associated No Parking/waiting/loitering signs put up in the roads around it.
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    Regarding rc cars. not sure if I could be classed as into them. Maybe some argos cheapos (if that counts).

    Question is though, I wanna buy tge kids some decent rc cars without breaking the bank too much. Any opinions/advice on what to go for and where to look/buy from. Kids are 5 and 9 and 37 (me)
  8. The answer isn't as easy as it seems. Need a couple of answers first.
    Where are you wanting to use them?
    Indoor, outdoor, smooth car parks, driveway, grass/off road

    Second is what sort of car. A buggy type with open wheels that's more suited to off road/grass or something with a bodyshell that looks like a real car/truck.
    There are the stadium/monster truck type which are a blend off both out and out off roader but with a full bodyshell.

    I am guessing you are wanting battery powered and not fuel (nitro/petrol)

    Another thing that is quite important is if you have a local hobby shop what makes do they sell and what spares do they carry.
    There is nothing worse than taking a model out to break it in the first 10 mins and have to wait a few days for the parts to arrive from a webshop. I will admit that's what I did as the local hobby shop to me only sold Tamiya and traxxas cars which are great for general use but at the time when I was racing I wanted something a little more specialised.

    Saying that some of the webshops are really getting their act together and a couple of them offer next day delivery on most parts.

    The amount of space you have also determines the size of model you have. The most common size is 1/10.

    Once you have decided where you are going to use it and which type most of the online model shops have a varied choice of many makes and styles.
    If you have a local hobby shop it could be worth a visit just to see the difference in size in the flesh as it was.
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    Yep. U guessed correctly. Battery powered. Size:something easily storable around 10 to 20cm in length. Terrain:best with some off road capabilities but if not i can take the kids to local park and drive on the paths etx...

    Price:around 40 quid each is my budget which would allow me to gain 2 cars. Is that too cheap??
  10. I think personally that £40 is a bit low for a better than kiddy class car.
    A lot of it depends on how long you want it to last and how much use it will get.
    There are a lot of cheaper ready to run models available now.
    Have a look at hobbyking
    Cars & Parts>Ready to Run

    they are pretty cheap. Don't get me wrong some of the quality of the plastics etc is never going to be a patch on some of the more established brands & they will break where a better quality model may of gone undamaged but for a starter model could do a lot worse plus they have a warehouse in the UK & do sell spares for their models unlike some of the ebay specials.
    Make sure if ordering from hobbyking that you are ordering from the right warehouse and not the china/hong kong/global warehouse as delivery can take a few weeks. I order from hobbyking from time to time and have never had a issue but ordering from the uk warehouse is a lot easier with no delays and no import duty.

    They also sell kits which would need a speed controller, battery, motor, servo and radio adding but gives you the chance to build the model plus more options on the electronics etc.
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    Thanks for that. Will take a look. Maybe put driving my 2.4 off for a while...
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    I will admit that I havent read all the way through this thread, but would like to add that I used to be into radio controlled racing many years ago, and still have two of my fleet. Both nitro models, i prefere nitro to electric, purely for the noise, smell and smoke, though now all are relegated to the shed, under piles of car parts, still treaten to get them out again, as all they need is new hump packs, the glow starter charged up and batteries for the transmitter, got a gallon of fresh unopened fuel and all of them have new engines.

    Cars at present are an old Radiosistemi Crono RS03 nitro rallycross buggy with an Alpha racing non pullstart engine (I can't remember the model number now)
    and an HPI Savage SS (the first one) with numerous upgrades now featuring an Alpha 28 pullstart engine.
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    Just went down and got myself (or the little one) a HPI baja Q32 (for indoor practice) and ab RTR 1:12 scale for my 9 year old. Just been out today and ge absolutely loves it. Got it at a vargain price of £60 for MP cars near me... 1436565069249-1270435443. 1436565106260-1603341187.
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    I used to fly radio controlled planes when I was a teen.
    It was quite difficult to master and even after years of doing it I still needed someone to oversea my flights.
    I'd like to have another go to see if I can remember how to control one, but I'm no longer registered and insured.
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    I used to fly R/C helicopters when I lived in the North East of England almost 20 years ago. Like @Pottermus and is planes, heli's are extremely difficult to master and I must confess, I did manage to fly it but master it I did not!

    Still have the helicopter and all the equipment which will now be out of date. Flying these beasts is great fun but can be expensive.
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    I had a go of a Heli once and promptly gave the controls back to the owner. They're weird! lol
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    @Pottermus - you have to be registered and insured? Is that only for flight over a certain distance/height limit?
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    This is on my to-do list. I almost bought this in Japan:

    The price was good (10000 JPY = ~£50), but had no luggage space, plus I was told I need the controller as well which they could sell for another 20000JPY. In hindsight, I should have bought it :Frown: But then I have no idea what else I'd need to buy as it's just the shell, if I understand this correctly. And I have no idea how to approach finding a matching chassis ...
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    In the eyes of the law you don't.

    But if you are registered with the British Model Flying Association you have their backing should your aircraft damage property or somebody. If you imagine the speed that some of these planes travel at (some are jet powered) they could easily kill somebody in a collision. For the sake of £20 a year it's not worth flying without.
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