General Anyone familiar with this USB mp3 thingy for Honda?

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    United Kingdom Jape Reigate
    Has anyone any working experience of this plug-in USB MP3 Player for Honda Sat Nav CD/Aux socket?

    hxxp://iPod CD changer adapter, VW iPod, Music Link, xCarLink

    It apparently holds/takes an SD card on which you create 6 CD folders. Each folder will take up to 99 mp3 tracks you then play them back as 6 cd's using the controls on the steering wheel. A chip coverts the mp3 to playable audio.

    There's a video on Youtube and it is marketed in the UK as a Dension gateway Lite 3

    I don't particularly want an ipod and was thinking of giving this a go.
  2. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I had an XCarlink unit on my previous Accord. It was the iPod/3.5mm one, but the operation is still the same on the one you are looking at.
    I think they are really good. I could control my iPod from the audio head unit and steering wheel.

    Have a look at this User Manual. It may explain things better.

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    United Kingdom Jape Reigate
    Thanks for posting the manual link. This unit meets my needs.

    Just a pity that as late as 2006 ( my CR-V model - Honda still using a cd player that does not have CDText function to read the track ID or filename.
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Honda like to thoroughly test things before they introduce them. It would be good if they were a little quicker, but for me, I'd rather wait.
    Many manufacturers throw thing out only to then have problems.
    An Xcarlink install is fairly easy to do, so you shouldn't have any problems.