Fuel Efficiency Anyone use non bog standard fuel?

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    I've just started on my 3rd tank of this Shell V-Power Nitro+ Unleaded - Shell United Kingdom It's about 3p a litre dearer than the bog standard stuff and I have to say I'm impressed. Engine starting has improved (not that it was bad before) but it just feels slicker. Engine noise appears to be that bit quieter and feels a bit quicker on the take up. All a bit subjective I hear you say but the real bonus which I can see, is the increase in MPG; currently achieving around 3 MPG more (average that is). I haven't done the maths yet as to any economic gain but I'll be quite happy to put this motion lotion in the tank for the foreseeable future. :Smile:
  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    Bud I have been using shell premium for 14 years in Accords now and no turning back.. But a worth adversary to Shell VPP is BP Ultimate Unleaded too, both are good.

    CR-V owners I am sure will concur with your findings.
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    I have found exactly the same Steve. When I had petrol Accords I always ran them on optimax, then Vpower, then Vpower Nitro+ in preference to anything else. Nitro + made a noticeable difference in my last Accord 2.0iVTEC CU1. Supermarket fuel is rubbish.

    I haven't dared try anything other than normal shell diesel or VPower Nitro+ diesel in my CU3 as I want to protect my DPF as much as I can. I don't' notice the difference between normal Shell Diesel and Nitro+ as much as I did with their petrol. I will not put supermarket diesel in my car as it is rubbish.

    There was a thread on this a bit back:

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    BP Ultimate and regular fuel also good. In fact if I recall correctly BP is the only fuel now that is 100% petroleum based.
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    Been using Momentum 99 + Esso premium for ages now. MPG goes up by 1.5ish (need to work it out for sure statistically) and it seems more willing to go into VTEC. Pulled into a BP station the other day, got out of the car, saw that premium cost 141.9, then drove right back out :Blushing:
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    We don't have any of that high end stuff over here in NI, but I really like bp ultimate for the NSX
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    ^^^ same as NSXer

    We unfortunately don't get any of the 99 octane fuels but BP Ultimate is a reliable and consistent quality fuel.

    I actually go well out of my way just to get it as it is genuinely noticeable in the Accord. Easier starting, more eager to accelerate, slightly more MPG and just a few pence per litre dearer.

    Now and then I will run a bottle of magic bullet or Millers CVL Turbo through it just to keep things clean from the inside. But that's only because we have tons of Millers on the shelf and I like testing/trialling all our products.
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    Hi pete

    How good is that millers turbo stuff?

    Track day coming up next mth and might throw some in
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    The Prelude always gets shell v power nitro+ . I don't fill it up with anything else unless I really had too
    The accord has always been run on v power diesel, it really does love the stuff but its a lot dearer than the petrol v power. lol.
    Might go to normal shell diesel as v power diesel is quite expensive and may eventually go against the cost of running a diesel
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    Personally I am sold on how good Millers products are anyway, but sales pitch aside, it is genuinely hard to gauge how good or bad it is as the only other one I have used recently is the Magic Bullet and they both do a different job.

    The CVL Turbo is what we used to put into the competition cars, but over the course of a year it works out cheaper to buy a drum of race fuel and mix it in accordingly. That stuff really puts a spring in the step of the Accord, but I am reluctant to use it much due to cost and it would probably need remapped to run properly on it. CVL Turbo will be grand alongside BP Ultimate for a day on the track dude. If you need some give me a shout and I can fire some up to you.
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    Hi pete

    That would be great ... Really appreciate the gesture. TD is not till end of July anyways. I work in Belfast so if that's handy, let me know where to call in and I will purchase of you.


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    I was Shell Nitro + all the time with my MPS because it needed 98 RON. BP, being my local garage, is only 97 RON. For the last few tanks before selling her I decided to just start using BP and to be honest it made no difference to the performance and there was no knocking either.

    I'm not sure if it's a myth or not but doesn't he Super and Nitro stuff have better additives etc?