Insurance Anyone Used Start Rescue or AutoAid Break Down Cover Recently - Any Good?

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    Hi Guys,

    On the search for new break down cover, some say we don't need it as we all drive Honda's but it is peace of mind knowing someone is there to help if things go bad.

    After cancelling my renewal with the AA (they jacked the price and automatically upgraded me to silver membership without my consent)
    I have decided enough is enough. Truly fed up with these so called big break down service companies (AA and RAC)

    I stumbled across Autoaid and Start Rescue and their prices seem too good to be true?

    Has anyone tried them and actually used their services?

    I heard that with Autoaid you have to actually pay the recovery company at the time of the recovery and then have to claim back the expenses afterwards?
    Is this also true for Start Rescue

    Cheers Guys!
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    United Kingdom John LN5
    Been a member of Start rescue for about five years, used them a few times on my Laguna (hopefully not on the Accord or FR-V), very good and efficient. The first time the air feed into the turbo split at the mounting and the guy fixed which lasted a week until the part arrived, next time needed recovery home due to a seized calliper both call out were very polite and courteous no issues at all. Which is why have carried on with them. The price you pay is it no additional fees.
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    United Kingdom Brum
    Another Start rescue here 3rd year running but so far never used them so have no review to give but their price comparing to others is really good.
    Paid £52 for UK and European cover for 12 months.
    They also have decent phone app from which you let them know where you are etc.
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    why not have a look at this FlexPlus Current Account Details & Benefits | Nationwide All for £10 a month (increasing to £13 from 21 September 2017). which totals to £156 per year however you get the following benefits

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    I don't work for Nationwide before anyone asks lol
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    Thanks for the input guys :Smile:
    I am seriously leaning towards start rescue, very well priced too.