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    We're pretty relieved to announce the Accord Owners Club garage has finally been completely migrated to HK. It was a long process with no course of action other than manual input due to the huge difference between the two sites and the scripts powering the garage.

    Big thanks go to @Ichiban and @Chunkylover53 for countless hours of data entry yesterday, we were adamant that we didn't want to lose any data from the old club when we moved - and I believe we've now fulfilled that.

    All Honda garage submissions, view counts, original submission date and last modified dates, as well as every comment made is now a part of HK.

    Most of the staff over the past few months have also contributed to changing the links in every post that directed to old AOC pages over to their new corresponding page on Honda Karma. As of yesterday, that's also now complete.

    While it's like the end of an era pulling everything we need from the old AOC once and for all, we're pushing forward with tons of improvements and updates to the new club. We want a big focus on meets/events, big projects, and we're actually pushing once again on getting the first set of club merchandise in. There's lots of interesting things in the works, even though HK is something that has to fit around all of our busy lives - we're committed to reaching the top.

    Lastly, a more somber note. @PeteMM has decided to leave his staff position. with a baby girl, business ventures and everything the crazy bugger does, he feels his position better left to someone with more time. He'll still be about the board shouting at people and keeping his project updated as time permits. You're always welcome back my friend as you see fit - your insight keeps a few of us on our toes.

    We'll be actively looking for members to help staff growing sections on the board, specifically Honda Legend, FR-V and also the @TheDarkKnight could do with some assistance in the CR-V section as well. If you're interested in helping out, reply below or drop one of the Admins a PM and we'll have a good chat through it. While no-one can be here everyday and we all take breaks, we do have some expectations to the levels of participation required - the full details will be made available to anyone whom enquires.

    A final note, we're currently trying to get a date set for our next club meet, we're going Go-Karting - join us in this thread.
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    I will put my name in the hat if no one else comes forward!
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    Wish I had more time to spare, but can't commit. But will as always support whoever is chosen.
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