Engine & Gearbox Are all 2.2 cdti CR-Vs 4x4

Discussion in '4th Generation (2013-2017)' started by donny1972, Wednesday 5th Oct, 2016.

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    Currently negotiating a price for a 2013 2.2 honda CR-V se. I was just wondering are all 2.2cdti CR-Vs 4x4? I have read somewhere that some are only 2 wheel drive but other say they are al 4x4. Can anyone on here confirm my query?
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    All four wheel drive. Some of the 1.6 are two wheel drive.
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    Thanks for that pottermus i am going to look at one on Friday. Its a 2013 in titanium grey with 34k on the clock. Is there anything i should be looking out for that could be cause for concern?
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    I bought one in April. Not sure about checking anything in particular. Just the usual checklist type things.

    It would be worth trying to gauge the state of the DPF, but not if this even possible.
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    Maybe makes sure all tyres are the same, if they are different, then previous owner may not have been a geeky owner.