General Are Petrol Accords really that fault free compared to Diesels?

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    It seems to me that Diesel Accords have no end of faults compared to Petrol models? Is this really true or are there simply more diesel Accords on the road? I'd be interested in owners views and those of our experts Beefy etc...
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    Definitely more fault free, K-Series (and R-Series) engines are bullet proof, the earlier N-Series diesels (I-CTDI) have a few issues. The diesels utilise a lot of German sourced components, the petrols utilise more Japanese sourced components - that in itself speaks for itself.

    The 7th Generation has it's minor common issues in general, HFT on the Facelift, Sat Nav on the Pre-Facelift, sensitive to tyres, rear camber arms wearing - but generally they're ultra reliable cars, the only thing is with the diesels they need regular oil changes to help stave off pre-mature chain wear.
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    I must say, touch wood, my diesel has been a good girl, but I do pamper her a lot and she has oil changes every 6 months without fail (in fact, serviced her a couple of days ago). I concede though that petrols are much stronger engines. A diesel solidifies what I have always said about a car, look after it and it will look after you.
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    I agree with @Nighthawk, look after a car and it will look after you. The chain issues on diesels are down to poor oil maintenance. Old oil becomes contaminated with soot and becomes acidic which is detrimental for the chains. Regular oil changes would avert this issue.

    Touch wood my petrol Accord has been really good to me. Nearly had for it 100K myself, it's done 150k in total, never missed a beat. Still going strong on original suspension components and original clutch. But again it gets serviced regularly.
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  5. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    If you check the Accords I have owned, there have been 2 petrol and one diesel. All have been looked after. All have been ultra reliable.
    My 7th Generation i-CTDi Accord was 11 years old (had her for 10 years) when I P/X her.
    My 5th Generation petrol Accord was nearly 10 years old (had her from new) when I P/X her.

    The diesel engine is more susceptible to problems if you or the previous owner are/were slap-dash with oil changes. They do not like old/dirty fuel filters either.

    Honda petrol engines are more resilient, but if you look after them, you can keep them performing like new.

    IMO, there are so many problems with diesel Accords because they have just not been maintained correctly.
    Conversely, there is a 7th Generation diesel Accord owner who will soon reach 200,000 miles, but he looks after his Honda!
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    Early facelift diesels had inferior/inadequate chain tensioners, and that's why Honda had to extend the warranty! I replaced my chains, etc last year and the replacement tensioners are quite different (although fully interchangeable). I assume that the newer type compensate better for soot-related wear issues mentioned?

    I believe that more problems are reported for diesel models largely because there are far more diesel models, plus the diesel models tend to have covered far greater mileages, having originally been purchased as leasehire/fleet vehicles.
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    A diesel engine (in fact any engine) will repay you for using quality - NOT Supermarket -fuel.

    Branded fuels Shell, BP, Esso and doesn't have to be VPower, Ultimate etc have the additives and detergents in.

    Supermarket fuel doesn't have the additives and is watered down with ethanol - that's why it is cheaper.

    Ethanol eats just about everything it touches and absorbs water.

    Use cheap supermarket fuel, save money, shell it out later to replace injectors, fuel pump, DPF.....

    False economy really.

    Another issue with diesels can be buying a previous owner's neglect borne out of their stinginess.

    Some diesel owners are stingy. They bought a diesel because they want "Cheap" motoring and this tightness extends to their views on maintenance or rather not bothering with it.
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    It's also worth bearing in mind that diesels are turbo charged which adds a lot of extra components that can cause problems.
  9. Zebster Guest

    The three 'big' problems on the 7th Generation I-CTDI are noisy timing chains, cracked exhaust manifold and slipping clutch (there is no DPF!). Using cheap fuels cannot be responsible for those things but might just be responsible for some of the more trivial problems, such as the EGR valve becoming sticky or the fuel filter needing replacement? So long as it meets BS EN 590 (which it must in the UK) then it will be fine... I've only ever used the cheapest fuel available when I need to fill up and at 160k+miles the engine is still going exceptionally well and passes all HDS performance diagnostics.

    It's a good engine. I don't consider it to be unreliable and would happily buy another vehicle with an I-CTDI engine. But there's no way I'd buy an I-DTEC (or any other modern diesel engine) because of the DPF... that really puts me off diesels, mostly because I now do very little motorway driving. I'm also concerned that the previously-overlooked aspect of diesel pollution will become more of an issue in the near future and the current VED benefits will vanish.
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    Indeed no DPF on ICTDI but I always mention it when talking about why supermarket fuel should be avoided at all costs.

    I've heard of a Merc needing new injectors and fuel pump prematurely due to use of supermarket fuel. Repair bill was £1200!

    Yes Mercs are German but so are many of the components on ICTDI and I-DTEC
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    The diesel "Environmental Credentials" home truths are about to come home to roost.
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    I best still well clear of this debate people will be hunting me down with pitchforks.
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    I've often been tempted with a diesel but so many issues I read about put me off. Weather its lack of maintenance or not. I've had 4 Japanese petrol cars in amongst other brands, two Nissans and two Hondas. All have been superb in everyway. The Nissan primerat eGT ran on cheap branded mineral oil changed regularly for 100K miles and was still as strong as the day I bought it. The 2.4 accord I now drive has a very strong engine indeed, although the £60 spark plug replacement was a bit of a shock but at least that's only once every 70K miles.

    Unfortunately I don't know of anybody to date who has owned a diesel car without having some fairly major repair bills during ownership. Many people think they are great but I just hear to many horror story's. I've driven plenty of company type diesel cars though some better than others. certainly they have oodles of torque but its normally very short lived. But you cannot knock the fuel economy figures. As fleet cars they make perfect sense, or for those doing high mileages as the norm. But I think for the average 10K -15K a year, petrol still wins for me. (And they rev to 8KRPM :Smile: )

    I think if you were to check reliability statistics though petrol would win by a country mile.
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    Keep an eye on oil level (go on, ask me how I know :Tongue: ) keep throwing tyres, bushes and brakes at them and they are great.

    In saying that, mum had an early I-CTDI for 7 years without so much as a single fault. As with anything, if it is looked after properly it will continue to function properly.
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    My car has suffered the cracked manifold issue which was fixed for free by Honda, but apart from that, she has been really reliable. Very few car enthusiasts have trouble with diesels cars... why? Because they look after them. Diesels are more fussy than petrols, a lot less forgiving, but if you keep on top of them, its worth it. Just paid 60 quid for a service for my Accord (did it all myself) using OEM parts - so £60 every 6 months to keep her oil fresh, and to avoid a £1500 repair bill if the turbo decided to go on holiday is money well spent.

    As much as I love my Accord, I am looking forward to going back to petrol again, even more so now that we have the Civic around. I won't ever knock a diesel, as long as its looked after, there are no issues.
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  15. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    I really miss my CN1. If I had space, I would have kept her too. However, returning to petrol is like coming home. I'm sure you will feel the same @Nighthawk.

    Agree completely.

    They have issues because of bad owners, not because they are bad cars.
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    43 don't appreciate how rough and noisey diesels truly are until you drive a petrol so a 2.4 compared to a diesel Accord is like sand paper versus silk coupled with the inherent issues and marginal fuel economy benefits means I'll never return to 'smelly fuel' again...only problem is finding a manual 2.4 Estate 8th Generation'... unless Ichban sells his 8th Generation !
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    306 forum I frequent, they all love diesels, two things, Tuning and Torque.

    The petrol I have now is a bit gutless compared to the CDTi, but the £1900 repair bill meant I had to get rid of the diesel! Most of that £1900 was due to the cracked exhaust manifold that honda found!
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    Being right often means you meet derision :Whistle:
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    Diesels can be more problematic.

    However this is as much due to owners' ignorance rather than design issues.

    Then there is the chipping brigade.......

    If someone suggests I should get my clatterer chipped to me again....... :Baseballbat:

    Chip a clatterer and you ask for the whole myriad of issues that you will get to come falling down around your head.

    If you want the power; buy the power from the factory in OEM guise.
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    I appreciate how rough and noisy diesels are every time I mow my lawn....
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  20. John Dickson Club Veteran ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    :Rolf: A very apt description. It is rancid stuff.

    Stinks the car out, stink you cannot wash off your hands, stinks the whole place out.

    And yet it's "good for the environment...." :Rolf: