Electrical & Lights Are Xenon lights adjustable for left/right dip?

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    I am looking to buy a 7th generation RHD Accord in the UK to export to France. I see most of them have Xenon headlights. Does anyone know if these lights can be switched from left to right dip pattern or will I have to buy replacements?
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    Hi and welcome to AOC

    The only 7th Generation to have factory fitted HID were the 2003 EX both Saloon and Tourer and then 2006 onwards only on the 2.4 EX Auto ADAS both Saloons and Tourer, The rest were all halogen.

    if this car has to be road tested in France ever year I would suggest you get LHD headlights to be legal and don't blind oncoming traffic..
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    Almost all the Accords I have looked at - mainly 2.4 EXs - are said to have 'xenon' headlights. Is this the same as 'HID'?
    Cars in France are not tested every year but every two years, after they are four years old.
    If a headlight system is fitted with switchable dip pattern - as I know some VAG cars definitely are - I can't see why it should be necessary to change the headlights completely.
    I am very familiar with the process of importing a UK car to France and changing anything necessary. I've done it four times.
    I could buy an Accord over here, if I was prepared to put up with the nonsensical pricing and deal with the point that I don't want a diesel, not to mention the fact that the French treat their cars like rubbish, so I prefer to go the UK import route.
    Now can someone please give me a simple answer to a simple question - do Honda Xenon lights have a switchable dip pattern?
    Thanks in advance.
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    What years are these 2.4 you have seen with Xenon , as already said in my first thread those are the two spec of models which had HID at the factory. (High-intensity discharge ) some call it Xenon.

    Now there is a aftermarket route but it not factory so ensure you differentiate between them. As for question do Honda Xenon lights have a switch able dip pattern? answer is NO

    you best stick with VAG as it ticks the boxes for you.
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    Well, I have lived in France for over fifteen years and recently bought a (diesel-engine) Accord Type-S, which I'm generally very happy with. Prices you have to put up with, but you can find some cars in decent condition, especially away from the big cities. I've bought a couple of second-hand cars here which have been in superb condition and with excellent service back-up. Regarding the headlamps, VAG are not the only ones to offer the LH/RH dip setting. My previous car was an MG ZT with xenon headlamps, which had this feature: a simple lever adjustment behind each lamp. I found it very convenient on return trips to the UK to visit friends and family. It would be great if Honda did it too. Julian.
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    Converting to drive in France

    I have just purchased the vehicle shown and will be taking it to France where I live. In order to comply with the CT (French MOT) i have to change the headlamps. Honda has quoted me a not insubstantial figure for this purchase and I wonder if anybody on the Forum has advice on how I might reduce my outgoings. All suggestions gratefully received.
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    Re: Converting to drive in France

    I’d better add the details (in case I misunderstood that they would be included) It’s a 2006 EX I CDTi.
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    Merged the thread as they are the same question.
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    I have found in the past that a search on Ebay turns up firms in Germany (among others) who provide E-marked pattern replacement headlights with the correct dip pattern for a lot less than Honda would like you to pay.
    The whole subject is complicated, which is the reason I asked my question in the first place. I am reluctant to pay Honda's price for replacement xenons and, because I haven't yet found a car I really like, I have not been pressed into discovering if cheaper alternative replacements are available.
    Having said that, my old 5th generation Prelude, on halogens, has now passed the Controle Technique (MOT equivalent in France) four times after the UK headlight pattern was altered to suit the French test simply by using the existing adjusters and a beamsetter.
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    Could you not just change the lenses in the headlights as this is what directs the beam. You might be able to get them from a breakers here or in France. Might be cheaper than buying a whole light unit.
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    On the subject of lights and a little off topic I know (sorry) does anyone know if you can adjust the main beam setting? I would like to adjust mine up and they fall quite low, to low for my taste.. ?? Thought perhaps there may be something I am missing as read the manual and can not see a way ?
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    Well, I've now bought an Accord (8th Generation diesel auto saloon) in France, so I am an Accord owner again for the umpteenth time since 1982 and it's French, LHD and I don't know what headlights it has but it doesn't matter. Now I can be a proper member.
    Still can't bear to part with the old Prelude though...
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    Just thought I'd update this. I couldn't get an answer to my question on here but I now own an 8th generation diesel auto with HID dip beams. I notice there's an access hole to what seems to be an adjuster in the inner wing liner above each headlamp unit, with the lettering L - R. Seems like my question is answered.
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    Rebooting an old thread here-I've just imported a 2014 Accord Type-S tourer into france that has xenon headlamps- the Honda dealer that sold it to me told me that the headlamp beam pattern is flat so should not need adjustment for driving on the right. Noted the last post about the apparent adjustment holes so had look down them with a borescope camera. I could not see any obvious adjuster except something that looks like the sort of adjuster where you engage a cross-head screwdriver into it a 90 degrees . It looks like the adjuster is to move the beam pattern left to right or vice versa not necessarily to change over from driving on the right/left etc.
    The up/down adjusters are plastic hexagon fittings on the back of the adjuster motors.