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Discussion in 'Lounge & Gossip' started by John78, Wednesday 12th Dec, 2012.

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    Must have the worst luck.... Of to pick kids up from school and some :tut: idiot in white van shoots past and takes wing mirror out in process..Then he proceeds to carry on up road and doesn't even stop:Frown:... Had car less than a week and this happens.. Anyone know of a good scrap yard near Doncaster
  2. SpeedyGee Administrator Staff Team

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    That's happened to me before buddy ! Not nice. There's some right muppets out there.

    I recon your better off searching ebay, you should be able to find a mirror with correct colour match for your car. I think I paid about £50 for one last year.
  3. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

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    I have a set of mirrors from a 2005 Accord in silver will dig them out !:Wink:
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    Cheers guys.. There's a spot called motor hog which seems close by so i have fired an Email off to them to see if they have the right colour. Thanks for offer IchibanAccord but really want to avoid having to visit spray shop as what little funds I have put to one side from buying the car is supposed to buy me a new set of Headlights (dreaded water Ingress). I will keep your offer in mind though:Thumbup:
    Prob give that Link a try as well SayamaAccord cheers matey.
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    Hey bud
    Sorry to hear but he will get his driver's like that always do- eventualy

    If you get stuck there are loads on good old ebay

    Hope you get it sorted..
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    Gutted for you mate. Can't understand some people....

    Hope you managed to sort it out