Service & Maintenance Article: 6th Generation Honda Accord Torque Specs

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    6th Generation Torque Specs
    Working list of 6th Generation Torque specs, feel free to update or correct aocwink.


    Brake banjo 25lb
    Brake bleeder 7.2lb 11mm
    Front caliper 20lb 13mm
    Front caliper bracket 79.6lb 17mm
    Front strut bar 16lbs
    Rear caliper 26lb 13mm
    Rear caliper bracket 41lb 14mm

    Clutch bleeder 1lb 8mm
    Engine front mount (to block) 28lbs
    Exhaust manifold cover 17lbs 12mm
    Gearbox drain 29lbs
    Gearbox filler 33lbs
    IACV 8lbs
    Oil filter 16lb (65mm 14flute Honda OEM)
    Power steering pump (both bolts) 16lbs
    Rockerhead 7.2lb 10mm
    Sparks 13lb 16mm (NGK zfr6f-11 no anti-seize
    Sump 33lb 17mm

    Drop link front (both ARB & lower arm) 29lbs selflock 14mm
    Drop link rear (upper to knuckle) 29lbs selflock 14mm
    Drop link rear (lower to ARB) 28lbs selflock 14mm
    ARB bushings front 29lbs 14mm
    ARB bushings rear 16lbs 12mm
    Wheels 80lb 19mm