Article: 7th & 8th Generation Honda Accord Long Crank Times?

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    Recently there has been a few members questioning why the 7th Generation and 8th Generation Accord has a longer crank cycle before they fire up. Zoran had the similar symptoms and it resulted in no underlying fault.
    It is primarily down to two main reasons.
    • The immobiliser has not fully initialised.
    • The Crankshaft rotation and other parameter checks have not completed. The crank has to rotate 360 degrees before ignition.

    To prove the concept try this.
    Get into your 7th or 8th Generation insert the key and immediately turn the key you will will notice a longish key hold before the engine starts.
    Turn the car off then insert key and wait until the flashing green key on the speedo goes off then turn the key then you will see a shorter crank time., This longer step ensures the key and the immobiliser has established successful communication and the request is legitimate.
    By depressing the clutch in whilst starting will lessen the drag on the flywheel and help too , but it won't make a massive difference on our cars. I as a habit have always started cars in this manner, and with the advent of the new 9th Generation Civic the car will not start until the clutch is depressed.

    On the subject of the 9th Generation Civic the new immobiliser on it is slightly advance to combat this longer crank cycle. If you were to inset the key and crank it without any delay the engine does fires up immediately and then the immobiliser will cross check the authentication. if not matched it cut the engine out. This is one way how Honda have addressed owners impatient needs.

    Battery care.

    This is the biggest source of all troubles for majority of owners. I have combined ownership experience of 13 years with our two 7th Generation Accords.I have replaced batteries once on both Accord till date and have seen a number of areas why we have so many issues.
    • The Battery fitted at Honda is in my opinion under spec'd it only 24AM\5Hours (Petrol Cars only) if you were to buy Honda Genuine Battery the specification has jumped to 42AM
    • Due to costs and the amount of countries the Accords is available we have a battery which will fail prematurely as it spec correctly for the needs of the customers.(Not applicable to Diesel cars)
    • Driving Habits if you do not drive the car regularly the battery plates begin to sulphate. You will need trickle charger to remove this sulphate coating on the cells.
    • Driving short distances with all electrical items on , causing insufficient charge cycle to the battery resulting in under charge battery state . The longer this continues the battery is getting damaged.
    • Our Honda love 12.4 volts that is the magical number for our cars to ensure everything works perfectly at start up.A lower voltage means longer crank cycles and stress on the battery.

    What we can do to ensure good battery life.
    • Don not play with gadgets on the car with the car switched off the battery is not designed to do that and it should not be used in such a manner.
    • If you continue to do so the battery volts will fall below the magical 12.4 V and your car won't start. This is not a fault of the car or the battery or inferior technology (It is your fault)
    • Keep battery terminals clean and coat with a slight coating of Vaseline.Please do not use copper grease of any general purpose grease.
    • If possible stop opening and closing the car in a short space of time.
    • Stop turning on and off the ignitions frequently, all Accord equipped with factory fitted HFT systems can draw current and stays live for approximately 10 minutes after the ignition is switched off.
    • Invest in a Trickle charger for your battery, if you do not drive the car frequently it can be a life saviour.
    • It goes without saying don't leave interior and exterior lights running for too long when the car is switched off

    If you want to take voltage reading this is your guide for all Honda Cars.
    Undercharging Voltage
    13.6-13.8 Volts
    Overcharging Voltage
    14.7-14.8 Volts
    Optimum Voltage
    13.9- 14.6 Volts
    External Battery charging is a vital part of battery maintenance and care.
    Simply driving a vehicle to charge it by using the vehicles alternator is not enough.The alternator is not designed to charge a discharged battery, it is designed to maintain it in charged condition (More than 12.45 Volts). Use a standalone battery charger to correctly charge/maintain batteries.
    Do not assume that just because a vehicle will crank and start that its battery is fully charged, always check it using the tester and fully charge it if required. Do not attempt to quick charge batteries at high amps in order to speed up the charging process, as this can either damage batteries or give a poor charge result.
    If the car is not used enough, you may need to charge the battery periodically. Lack of use takes its toll on a battery - especially an car battery, which is designed to be charged regularly by an alternator.An unused battery regardless of its chemistry will discharge itself overtime, and if that battery is allowed to remain discharged, it will suffer severe corrosion on the positive grid resulting in battery failure. The rate of discharge depends on the type of battery and the temperature it's stored or used at. Batteries that are left in a deeply discharged state (less than 11.00volts) may never recover and you should consider replacing the battery.
    A special mention to Honda
    All Honda dealer have the Medtronic’s battery charger
    When your car goes into Honda dealer for a service this is the first thing they hook up is this kit and take battery reading and check the cars electrical system to ensure everything is working as it should be . if the battery is at a under charge state,they attach the trickle charger for the entire duration of the service window and then take reading at the end.
    This ensure your battery is at full charge by the time they have finished. So next time people want to slate Honda for their prices of servicing , be mindful for what they do during the servicing stage and the other countless steps you as a customer never see. Honda do provide a superb aftersale service and their checks and procedure are there to ensure the customers car is in perfect condition.
    So Thank you Honda for doing these small invisible things which we take for granted.
    Which independent service or friendly garage does this? or is it all about the price. you decide
    And Lastly

    There are a lot of thread in the Honda community slating Honda for it poor battery performance and non of these owners point fingers a themselves its strange? I hope this blog puts some clearer perspective on things.
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    Ok thanks, think I will have to charge it fully