Guides Article: Honda Accord Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) change 7th Generation i-CDTI

Accord 03-08 i-CDTI, N22A

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    I am dubious on the plungers ability to last more than 3 or four refills. I have a well known brand hand pump and its valve stem didn't last more than three refills.

    I am doing to make a Bunsen burner type tripod with a funnel attached to a plastic pipe and other end a metal hook pipe.
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    Can the gearbox be overfilled. I've just done mine, left the oil check bolt out, put 3 litres in but nothing has so far come out of the check bolt hole. Do I now have to drain some off?
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    That is strange but it won't harm it, as it hasn't overflowed. However it would mean your gearbox was carrying less oil before the change..
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    Or you left the drain bolt out and there's a pu
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    All sorted I removed the wrong bolt. So if anybody else does this job and you remove a bolt that has a spring on the end, then you've removed the wrong bolt. More details and pictures to follow

    Thought I`d include a quick guide to removing the engine cover. Its easy enough even with the car up on axle stands, I just wasn`t expecting it to have the two bits sticking up on either side of the main cover, as per the photo.


    I started by removing the two bolts at the back of the cover. make a note of the type as the two bolts at the front/bumper end are different which I then removed. It is then held in place by 8 plastic clips. There are three at the front which also fixes the underneath of the bumper (the 3 holes nearest the camera), two more about 12" back indicated by the two raised holes. Theres one in the nearside wheel arch high up which is easier to get if you turn the wheel. The offside has two clips which are obvious when you turn the wheel out of the way, no need to remove the wheels.

    Once that is out of the way the drain plug is obvious. I used a 3/8" square drive from my socket set to remove it.

    I had a problem identifying the check plug. Once I knew where it was it was obvious but at the time I missed it and removed a bolt a little bit higher up and slightly obscured by a rubber hose, and wondered why I was getting no oil out despite putting 3 litres in.


    Anyway, the correct bolt needs a 10mm socket or spanner and is marked with white paint in the photo. The wrong one is a little bit higher up and needs a 13mm socket to remove. You will definately know you have the wrong one because the bolt is hollow and has a spring inside it, don`t know what thats for.

    Don`t want to insult anybody`s intelligence here, but it really is a simple job, I just made it difficult for myself by not watching what I was doing.
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    Just one very important point. NEVER remove the drain bolt before ensuring that you can remove the fill/level bolt. The resulting nightmare is no oil in the gearbox and no way of filling it.
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    Excellent point. Mine was very very tight and nearly gave up.
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    Superb info chaps. That will save ££££££'s DIY instead of the garage, and will get my hands dirty again after to long driving complex german automatics DSG gearboxes ! can't wait !
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    What size tool do you need to remove the filling bolt? Having the read the 8th Generation post can I confirm if all bolts are the same size?

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    Generally a 3/8" rachet driver or 3/8" sliding t bar should do the trick.
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    TVM so same as the drain bolt basically!
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    Can anyone tell me exactly what kind of gearbox oil I need, and how much it takes to refill?
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    Thread moved to an existing thread with a full step by step guide.
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