General ASDA selling cheap castrol edge oil

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    hi all ,

    Local asda are selling all grade of castrol edge for a good price of £30 for 4 liter tubs.

    Just bought some 0w-30 and 0w-40 for the veichles in the house.

    So if you are ever in asda it's worth having a look. It's a special offer though, usual price is £38
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    Hi that's a very good price especially if its titanium ?
    Members might like to know Halfords have a sale on oil , for an old model like mine, their own brand 10/40 semi is only £12 for 4 L that's half price.
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    It's worth noting that you can get 6l of Total (which I believe is what Honda use) 0w30 for £35.99 delivered from amazon... there are other deals on there too.

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