For Sale ASUS M4A79XTD Motherboard with Phenom II 955 BE

Discussion in 'Other Items' started by Heckler, Tuesday 8th Mar, 2016.

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    Is anyone interested in some computer gear?

    It's my old motherboard and CPU both in perfect working order, I upgraded last year and these have sat in the box on the shelf since then...

    Motherboard is a decent one for the time ASUS M4A79XTD . AM3 (not AM3+) with capability for Crossfire graphics (2x Video cards), 32GB of ram, full surround sound, optical and analogue outputs, loads of USB ports, Gigabit Lan. Comes with the I/O Plate too. I was running this in crossfire mode with a couple of 5870's and it was only really in need of an upgrade because of games like GTA V and Just Cause 3 coming out... it would have run them, but not in the resolutions and speeds I wanted to.

    CPU is the awesome Phenom II Quad Core 955 BE (Black Edition) and these CPU's could reach some ridiculous overclocked speeds under the right conditions. I never overclocked mine past 3.7ghz as I was only aircooling and I don't like messing around with CPU voltages. I know CPU's have moved on and gotten faster since then, but it's still a decent CPU for most things unless you want to play the latest and greatest games.

    I was going to retask it and upgrade my mediaserver, but unfortunately I dropped my old one whilst cleaning it out and had to rebuild it 18 months ago... Before I upgraded my current games rig. So it would make for a brilliant mediaserver, capable of transcoding to multiple devices at the same time.

    All you'd need to add is the appropriate memory and drives.

    I could supply a stock cooler... But I'll be blunt, they're crap, noisy and useless for a quiet computer... which is what I build. So I would recommend a decent after market one like a Noctua, which is what I'm running my my mediaserver and it's whisper quiet. You can't hear it from across the room in complete silence.

    2016-03-08 20.55.33.

    Asking £30 inc P&P by courier or £25 collected.

    Could be a very cheap way to upgrade an older computer, or perhaps build that media server on the cheap.
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  3. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Just checking old threads.
    Is still for sale?
    Please let me know.
  4. Nels Moderator Staff Team

    Just going through old threads.
    Please confirm, within the next 30 days, if this is still Wanted/For Sale/Available.

    If no reply is received within that time, I'll closed the thread.
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    It's still available, I'd forgotten all about it... sat in a box in my office.
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    I'll leave the thread open.