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    I need to attach the holder for my SANEF transponder to the windscreen of my new car. What is the best product to use so that I will be able to detach it some time in the future?

    The holder is fitted behind the interior mirror so that I can drive through the Telepéage lane on the French autoroutes. I don't want to use superglue or anything similar. Is there anything like double sided tape but only about a quarter inch wide?
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    You could use double sided selotape however I don't know how well it will hold with the heat from the sun. There are sticky pads available like the ones that hold number plates on. They will hold it and there not permanent although you will probably need a blade to scrape them off the glass when you finally remove it as the sticky pad will leave glue and bits of itself behind. You can also buy the pads that fix rear view mirrors to the windscreen, local Halfords should have something.
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    The holder for my transponder is quite different to that. Mine's from the French provider and is about seven or eight years old. It is designed to fit vertically, and there are adhesive strips running horizontally at the top and bottom of the holder.

    I'm also puzzled about the advice on that website on where to place the holder. Originally, it had to be placed on a section of clear glass behind the mirror on my Accord.
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    Battery only lasts about 5 years, I suspect you will need a new one, or just use a card or cash.
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    Worked fine earlier this year.
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    Its got a cold,this weather is not too kind to them get it tested bud then you know where you stand and it will take the guesswork out.
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    I live in France and the latest transponders are much smaller and more powerful (so that you can trigger the barrier in the 30 kph lanes without stopping). I recommend you get a new transponder from SANEF and attach that with the double-sided tape provided. They seem to stay in place just fine. I removed mine from my old car when I bought my Accord in June with no problem. If you are going to use more than one car regularly SANEF will supply a second mount. Julian.
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    I'll look to change it when I go to France next year.