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    Sorry to mention the A word but thought you all might like this.

    My eldest son has a 2012 reg Audi A1. Not his fault as it came with the job. He drove it off to Germany today for a 2 week holiday, and this afternoon I received telephone call from somewhere in Europe.....................from Joe

    Joe: Hello Dad. Got a problem here. Can you look up what a sideways coil warning light means on my dashboard. Its been flashing ever since I filled up with Diesel 10 minutes ago

    Me: German Diesel eh. Full of Ethenol. Who's garage was it?

    Joe: Total

    Me: Should be OK. I'll go and get your Audi Handbook and see what is says about the coil thing. Will phone you back

    Me: It says its a glowplug warning symbol and that you should go direct to Audi franchise slowly. Engine Management thing apparently. Rubbish manual, tells me nothing. I bet its DPF doing its thing or something similar. Have you been going slowly? It might need a rev up to clean it out.

    Joe: I've been doing 110mph most of the way

    Me: I'll call you back

    Off to Google. OOOHHH. Lots of posts about this. And lots of people spending lots of money trying, unsuccessfully, to fix it. Apparently if you travel fast for an extended period the DPF clogs up more quickly due to the extra amount of soot passing through. Slow down and go into a higher gear to get the revs up and try to burn it away but I think your DPF is in trouble! Or the vacuum pipe to the thingy has cracked. Or your Coil Pack is shot. Or one of your Glow Plugs has had it. Compression in cylinder 3 has gone etc etc All in all ££££££££££££££££££ x 10

    Deeper into Google a couple of people mentioned that when they took their car into Audi they had the £££work done but that Audi also changed the Filler Cap Flap. A couple of others mentioned that the warning light came on when one of their Brake Light bulbs had blown. Thinking logically, Joe has just filled up and 10 minutes later the light has come on. Surely not!!!

    Me: Joe. Just Googled it. Pull over somewhere and see if your filler cap is tight. And check your brake lights

    Joe: Can't stop here. Engine might not start again. 12 miles to next petrol station. Will try there and call you back

    Guess what

    Joe: All fixed. Fiddled with the fuel cap filler, light gone out, flying again

    Fuel filler cap and rear brake lights make engine management/glow plugs warning come on?:eek:
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    Audis became poo after 1995. Basically after the original S2 Estates. They were good. Speaking from experience. Would not have a modern one. Fat and frumpy. Golf club holders.
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    But of course they do. It's the logical light to illuminate.:Epic Fail:

    Nice piece of research work though to find the fault so quickly. :Niceone:
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    Good ol Audi's. Nice story too, glad you managed to help your son out so quickly. Never quite understood why they make Audis so sensitive to absolutely everything. Not the first time I have heard of this problem, my mate had this issue with his A5 however he had actually bought it. Trying to convince him over to Honda but he isnt listening
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    Vorsprung durch Technik, as they used to say in Ingolstadt...:Ermm:
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    Now I bet that makes the Audi dealers a bucket full of cash !
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    Great story there @Phil P, put a smile on my face!