ICE & HFT Audio Visual Navigation Update For Screen Freeze & Lost Voice Tags

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    Honda have released this Audio Visual Navigation Update (AVN) update for the following cars TSB dated 17-04-2103 bulletin number SN-10-008-00.

    ModelModel Code Year Model
    Civic 5DFK1, FK2, FK32012 & 2013
    CR-VRE5, RE72013
    CR-V i-DTECRE62013
    The Symptoms1. AVN screen freezes while listening to iPhone music in Accessory mode. The Navigation touch screen shows only the audio banner with “Stars” in the background and does not respond to touching. Only 3 buttons are operating which are: Seek/Skip, audio volume and On/Off button.

    2. Stored voice tags in the navigation system are lost over a period of weeks or if the vehicle is stopped and the ignition is switched Off/On during a route calculation by Navigation unit.

    The Cause

    1. AVN Screen Freeze - A boot up failure occurs when the software gets into an infinite loop after reading correct parameters then incorrectly reading old data that was not cleared from the memory.

    2. Lost Voice Tags - If AVN system workload is high, reading of telematic and voice tag information can take too long. If this occurs whilst guidance is in use and ignition is switched off and on, the navigation system judges that voice tag information is incorrect and deletes it.

    The Fix

    1. AVN Screen Freeze - Revised software has been applied to clear old memory locations, so there is no erroneous data that can be read.

    2. Lost Voice Tags - Revised software has been applied so that Navigation system does not delete the stored voice tags during route calculation when switching on and off the ignition.

    Please note you only need to approach the dealer if you have this specific fault.
    AVN Software Update Procedure
    WARNING: If at any time during the software update the AVN unit loses power, the AVN unit will become unserviceable.Please ensure that the car battery is connected to an alternate power supply or update while vehicle engine is running.
    Start the AVN

    Wait at least 20 seconds after the AVN starts up before you insert the update disc.
    Insert the update disc (A) into the AVN unit.
    Note: Remember to allow at least 20 seconds before inserting the update disc.

    After inserting the disc into the AVN unit it will automatically start to update.
    Do not shut off the ignition, AVN unit or eject the update disc. (Updates takes 9 minutes)

    The update will complete after an automatic Reboot


    6. Eject the update disc (A).


    7. Confirm the software version update was successful according to the procedure below.

    Software Update Confirmation Procedure
    Press “MAP”+”MENU”+”CANCEL” at the same time.

    AVN Software Update Confirmation 1.JPG

    Select “Detail Information & Setting”

    AVN Software Update Confirmation 2.JPG

    Select “Version”

    AVN Software Update Confirmation 3 .JPG

    Please confirm that flash and HDD version are as follows:

    ModelYearVersion Number (After Update)

    AVN Software Update Confirmation 4.JPG

    5. Confirmation of software version is now complete. The AVN is has now been updated successfully.

    Please note this update CD is only available to Honda dealers I am not listing the part number for this as it open it up to unscrupulous elements making a buck or two.

    Please note the update will take no more than half an hour to apply.