General Auto Car Performance Tests 1976

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    United Kingdom Phil Kent
    Here's something interesting. Look at that Fiat 126 go........and the Renault 4...........and the Citroen 2CV

  2. Ichiban Founder Staff Team

    England CJ Leeds
    Lol 62 seconds to get to 60 :Rolf:That sucks
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    My 1974 Mini Clubman automatic was originally supplied as a "Motobility" car...which meant it had a de-tuned 998cc A-Series. Mine still had the original cardboard order tag tied into the boot when I got it at over 30 years old. When allied to the 4 speed ZF autobox, it became so slow to accelerate it was awesome - and sometimes pretty scary when pulling out of a junction onto a busy road...

    The original literature didn't even quote a 0-60 time. Instead it quoted a 0-50 time...:Rolf: It was pointed out to me that you needed a calendar rather than a stopwatch to measure the acceleration...! :Epic Fail:

    In comparison, I'd say that Fiat looks quite rapid.:eek:
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