Engine & Gearbox Auto engine into Manual Car

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    Hello people,

    The CAM chain on my 2.4 Type-S in gone so I am currently trying to source a replacement engine. Does anyone know if an automatic engine from a 2007 executive will go into a 2003 Type-S manual without too much hassle? I have been told that it's just a matter of using he flywheel from the manual car, but I am worried that there will be more to it than that. Any thoughts?
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    On paper it would be doable but you never know until you try it.
  3. Hi Conor, welcome to AOC, sorry to hear about what's happened, don't know the answer but someone on here will.
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    Yeah, checked that car on donedeal but the engine is gone. Would take a Type-S engine if I could get one but they are hard to get. Don't know a lot about it but am worried that the auto exec engine will be set up differnt or that the electronics or brain will be different? Don't even know if that makes sense but someone one here might.
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    I assume your ECU is still intact - all you're changing is the block? If so the block, cams, etc are the same.
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    Jayok, as far as I know the ECU is intact, obviously the ECU in auto car would be different? There was an engine light on in the car and a VSA light but this was due to the fact that the cam chain was stretched.
    I will ask my mechanic about the ECU? Anything else I should checking?

    thanks for you help.
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    ECU is different!! In a manual you can call it 'ECU', in an auto: PCM (power control module), as in an auto the ECU also steers the gearbox and receives signals of the auto stick.
    If you change to this engine, some points to take care off:
    - wiring of the auto gearbox is different. It's possible you need to change your whole engine wire harness
    - immobilizer: you need to 'tell' (reprogram) the new PCM you 'lost' your keys and come with 2 new keys. If you don't do this, you would need the keys of the other engine and swap immobi + key cilinder also.
    - you will not see the indication on the dashboard in what gear you are and I'm not sure if the dashboard will be able to show auto gearbox related issues. Change dashboard (meters) also? Would be ideal.

    Are you looking to swap only the auto engine and not the auto gearbox? That's a different story and I don't believe that would give any big issues.
    But before you do: have a very good, detailed look at the wiring, connectors and sensors. Must be 100% same on the engine side.

    Second edit:
    Pfff. Thinking of something else: do both cars have cruise control? If not, than ECU is anyhow different.
    As said before: carefully check the whole harness and sensors. You never know some sensors have changed (brand, connector, values they give). If that's the case: change harness and ECU also and learn the swapped ECU your existing keys.
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    Hi Conor, realistically you can only change the engine block without a serious overhaul of the ECU, wiring, etc. From your original description that the flywheel from your existing engine would have to be changed, I assume it's only the block. Now, you mention that the VSA light was on the dash and another - the VSA light won't be thrown by a stretched cam, was the stretched chain cam diagnosed by an error code (via a Honda or Snap-On reader??)
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    Thanks for all that info I-DSI. I am only changing the engine not the gearbox. My car has cruise control and I am assuming the 2.4 auto exec would have it also although I will check.
    Sounds like the wiring/sensors/immobiliser will be the main items to check. My car is 2003 and the engine is out of a 2007 facelift model so it is possible there will be some subtle differences.
    Not sure what to do, maybe continue the search for a manual engine for a while longer??
    Sounds like it wouldn't take much to run into a costly issue or 2 mid refit and I'll have very little comeback on anyone.

    Yes, engine light came on with the VSA light about a year ago. Got it diagnosed as the cam chain sensor by a garage who were chatting silly money to fix. They told me it could go anytime, as it turns out it lasted me a year. The car was running on restricted power since the lights came on and the cruise control wouldn't work but apart from that the car was running ok.
    I had an engine light on before also that was sorted with a replacement an oxygen sensor (bank 1, sensor 1) but the light only stayed off for about 2 weeks before this problem came up so I was starting to think that the problem was with the ECU but as it turned out it looks like it has been doing its job just fine and the errors were genuine.
    It is a gamble replacing the engine as I won't know until the unit is fitted and the key is turned, the engine will have to be paid for and the mechanic will have to be paid regardless.
    Scrapping is also an option. Decisions, decisions!!