Engine & Gearbox Auto gear select :tut: hard to push in

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    Good morning every one from sunny Cyprus, have not had chance to get pictures of under the dash yet as regards my last post, will try this weekend. In the meantime I have noticed my gear select :tut: becoming very stiff of late and also I notice my oil level very low, (this I have now toped up), the question is: would the low oil level effect the stiffness of the select :tut:?, although I have toped up the oil this morning the :tut: is still stiff to push, this could be related to not getting the oil pleasure yet, or it may not have any bearing on it at all and just a coincidence, it may just simply be lack of grease on the gear select moving parts. Any ideas before I strip it down?.

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    OK guys panic over, it was just a dry sliding joint where the :tut: is pushed in there are two sliding meeting angle pieces, when the button is depressed it pushes down the selector rod to be able to shift the select lever, nothing to do with the Engine oil at all, but mind you it made me put oil in the engine, I have some what neglected it, so all is well at the moment ha ha ha, the test is emissions before the MOT, if that is OK I will carry on working on the car, if not I think it will be time for a new model, a shame really but I suppose all cars have to come to a close at some time unless you want to continue throwing money at it, so watch this space.
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    Good to hear its sorted and thanks for reporting back the root cause.