Engine & Gearbox Auto-gear whine and fuel-consumption - cause for concern?

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    Denmark Soren Aarhus
    Hi all,

    Generally we are very pleased with our new Honda FR-V 1.8 Automatic Executive, 2009. However we have two worries:

    1. The gear-oil smelled burnt so this was changed shortly after purchase. There is still a faint high-pitched whine from the transmission, most audible around 80 kmph (= 50 mph). Is this common - or should we be worried that it will deteriorate and eventually break down? The car has a mileage of 126.000 km. (78.000 miles).

    2. The fuel consumption seems very high. We drive mainly short trips in the city, so perhaps this was to be expected, but still the figures according to the onboard computer are even worse than in our old Fiat Multipla. Mostly it says around 12 litres pr. 100 kilomtres. This equals to 2.6 imperial gallons per 62 miles. Not entirely sure about these units (US vs. British and all...), but it's about 12 litres pr. 100 kilomtres. (In Denmark we normally use "kilometres per litre" but the car doesn't support this measure). :Smile:

    Best regards,
    Søren from Denmark
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    1) What fluid did you use when you replaced it ?
    How much did you put it ?
    What is the level at currently ?
    What colour was oil that came out on the last change ?
    Burning smell indicates either a leak or the gearbox has an internal issue and is over heating.

    You should consult an auto gearbox specialist.

    2) 12l/100km is equivalent to 23.2 (uk) MPG which is quite low even for an FR-V.
    Perhaps the gearbox issues are contributing to this ??
    Have the gearbox looked at first.
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    An audible whine should not be there. An auto gearbox should be smooth and silent. As above, seek advise from an auto gearbox specialist.