Engine & Gearbox Auto selector will not move out of park

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    If you ever have the problem of your gearshift staying put in park and having to use the over ride shot it's because it's probably the solinoid next to the solector lever under the centre consule, it's quite easy to get to once the centre consule is removed, I tried it again to day it was OK, that is what the clicking noise was that I could hear, so I am convinced that this is the problem but untill it gives up the ghost completely I will not know for sure, this is the problem with intermitant faults, I have some pictures but my phone has decided not to down load pictures so I will have to swop the sim card to another phone and try that, by the way first check that your brake lights still come on, if they do then your switch is OK and that side of the brake and selector module is working, when you get to the solinoid unplug it and test for power to the solinoid and also put power to the solinoid from the battery if it moves in and out then its fine if not then you will have to replace it. To test power to the solinoid make sure the brake pedal is depressed and the ignition is on.
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