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    afety is one of the most important factors when choosing a new car. After all, it will regularly be transporting the most important thing in your life – your family – so you want to be sure that they are properly protected. The good news is that today’s cars are safer than ever. However, how do buyers find out which cars are the best for safety, and perhaps more importantly, which ones aren’t? Well, that’s where Euro NCAP comes in. In essence, the organisation conducts independent crash tests on some of Europe’s most popular cars, and publishes the results to give motorists a realistic (and in many cases, comparative) assessment of how much protection the cars provide.
    As well as recording the impacts suffered by the state-of-the-art test dummies in different crash scenarios, the assessment also considers the amount of standard safety equipment provided with the car, and its effectiveness. After the tests, cars are given percentage ratings in four areas – adult protection, child protection, pedestrian protection and driver assistance – and an overall star rating out of five.
    Trouble is, Euro NCAP’s testing programme isn’t perfect: not only does it not include every new car, not all the results can be compared directly, because the methods and thresholds have changed over the years to encourage improvements in safety.
    That said, the results are still an incredibly useful indicator, which is why we’d recommend that anyone buying a new car should check their shortlist against NCAP’s results (which can be found online at to help inform their decision.
    However, even the safest car isn’t necessarily a good car. It still needs to perform all the other daily duties required of it, and you need to enjoying driving it and living with it.
    That’s why our experts have taken the safest cars in each class according to Euro NCAP, and balanced their safety performance against their overall ability. The result is Auto Trader’s favourite safe cars. And our star performers are…

    Auto Trader's pick of the best safe cars