CR-V AutoGlym lifeshine

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    Hi folks

    has anyone used the Autoglym life shine kit ? its normally around £200+ kit from Dealers , i was at a Car show in Tatton a Few months ago and seen these on sale i was a little bit confused at the price of £ very low price certainly not £200 + well i used it a few weeks ago and yes it was very good and it makes a different but please note its only a bargain if you get it for a very much knock down price
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    i have the red bagged one recently given to me and to be honest almost all of the products in it can be bought from Halfords, though most of them are a min £8 each. To be honest it probably would be worth it for the one in the red bag (rather than the 3 little bottled one) as I've used most of the products, at some point, and especially if you can pick one up for less than £40 and the big part is IF you are going to use it and WILL you use it. Personally the most used thing out of the entire kit is the drying towel!
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    Well to be honest I paid a £10 for the kit and it's been good well worth it
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    For £10 you couldn't go wrong!

    Autoglym products are generally ok. It's the ridiculous price dealers try to charge for a 'life shine' treatment which can be better achieved for a fraction of the cost that is the problem.

    Would be great to see a 'photo of the kit :Thumbup: