Detailing Autoglym Quick Detailer vs uPVC window frames

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    A couple of years ago, I bought some Autoglym 'Quick Detailer' to make up a 3 for 2 at Halfords. I used it once, found it useless, and consigned it to a shelf in the garage.

    On Friday, I needed to clean my uPVC window frames, but had run out of the cleaner I normally use. Looking around for an alternative, I decided to try the Autoglym...

    ...and it was excellent! Very quick and easy to use, it took off pretty much all the grime and marks from my window frames and as a bonus has left them beading nicely too! :Grin:

    On of the more bizarre cleaning tips I've come across, but it may be helpful - funny what you can find out by accident.
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    Great tip Ed :Thumbup:
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    Couple of 'photos...

    IMG_0150. IMG_0151.
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